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Ms. E. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington movie questions


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How does Mr. Smith gain his Senate seat?
a coin toss
Mr. Smith is the head of what organization
Boy Rangers
Where does Mr. Smith say he is going before the Senate convenes?
to Mt. Vernon
Whose desk does Mr. Smith have in the Senate?
Daniel Webster
What bill does Mr. Smith introduce?
Boys camp for America
Mr. Smith's bill is in conflict with what part of another bill? (Be specific.)
Deficiency bill (the bill for the dam)
How does Mr. Smith find out about the conflict?
Miss Saunders tells him
Who from the home state is backing Senator Paine
The governor, Taylor, and the people
What is Mr. Smith's secretary's first name?
Senator Paine accuses Mr. Smith of what on the floor of the Senate?
owning the land the dam is on to sell it to the government for large profit
Through what source do the people back home hear of Smith's filibuster?
Radio and Newspaper
Name the 2 official U.S. documents Mr. Smith reads from during his filibuster?
Constitution and Declaration of Independence
Name 2 things Mr. Smith went to see on his first day in Washington?
Lincoln memorial and Capital dome
Who is Sam Foley?
senator that dies in the beginning of the film
Who is Joe Paine?
The senator that is still alive at the beginning of the film
Who is Miss Saunders?
Mr. Smiths secratary
Who is Susan Paine?
Senator Paine's daughter
Who is Jim Taylor?
the political boss in the film
Who is Chick McGann?
He is Jim Taylor's right hand man
Who is Governor Hopper?
He is the weak governor from the state and is controlled by Jim Taylor
What is Willett Creek?
The place for the dam and where the boys camp was going to be
What is a Graft?
its a form of political coruption
What is Lady Liberty?
large sate that represents freedom
What is a Quorum call?
call to see what senators are present
What is the Deficiency bill?
the bill that involved the dam at Willett creek
Who is Dig Moore?
Newspaper man that keeps offering to marry Miss Saunders
Who is Nosy?
Newspaper dude who is told to go "chase an ambulance"
Who is senator Agnew?
the Majority Leader
Who is Senator Barnes?
the minority leader