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english 10

What is a ball turret?
was a plexiglass sphere into the belly of a b-17 or b-24 & inhabited by two .50 caliber machine gun & 1 man & a short small man
What is the point of the view of the poem?
The title is the subject of the poem
Why can't paul share his feelings about the war?
He finds it hard to share his feeling with his father about the war because he wishes had been more courageous
What do the descriptions of the stagnant lake and the people going about their business suggest?
indifference in the war
What is the significance of the story taking place on the fourth of july?
It is a day to celebrate patriotism but he doesn't feel like a patriot
Paul symbolizes what segment of society?
A group of people, young soldiers that returned from vietnam
What is pauls internal conflict?
Nobody wants to listen to him or talk to him
Pauls internal conflict leads him to do what?
To question himself
What does shotwells obsession with jacks tell the reader about his mental state?
Shotwell is an anti-social character, selfish, & possesive
What are the men in the "game" upset about?
Because they have been underground for many days
What is the most probable reason no one has come to relieve them?
What is the purpose of he authors use of repetition?
He keeps repeating sentences to show that the narrator is going crazy
According to line 2 what does the mirror do with whatever it sees?
The second line says "whatever I see I swallow immediately"
What does the women see at the end of the mirror?
She stated "each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness"
In the "bells" what overall feeling does the speaker describe?
Melonchy feeling or grief
What can you infer about the relationship between the speaker and the father?
Its the reflection of the sounds that bells make & emotions from that sound that she enjoys she just remember her father
At the same time
Trick, Deception
Paintstaking, With great care
Priority because of superior in rank
In what way does this statement apply to berlin and his conflicts about war experience?
Paul berlin learned that he would have to overcome his fear of the war. Paul had to have determination to stay strong in the war. When he could have dropped out of the terryfing war, he decides to fight through it & not give up.