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any person that you're related to by blood who comes before you


attributing to human shape/form


the physical sign of the covenant between man and God


a binding/solemn agreement between man or God/man

Deuteronomists (D)

writers of Deuteronomy

Elohists (E)

writers that use angels/visions/dreams as God's way of interacting w/ his people


symbolic stories that express a spiritual truth or a basic belief about God


travelers, wanderers

Original Justice

Adam/Eve were in this state when created; peace w/ all things and no suffering/death


male rulers/elders/leaders

Priestly Writers (P)

use "God" when speaking of God; God is far above his creations; use genealogies

Yahwist writers (J)

used Lord (God); God is human-likle; God is close to creations

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