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Computer Apps Final

In Access, table and field names can be up to ____ characters in length
A field whose data type is ____ can contain any characters.
A(n) ____ data type can store a variable amount of text or combination of text and numbers where the total number of characters may exceed 255.
When you create a table in Datasheet view, Access automatically adds a field called ____ as the first field in the table
To import data to a table, click the ____ tab on the Ribbon.
External Data
To open the Navigation Pane, click the ____ Button
Shutter Bar Open/Close
To create an initial report that can be modified in Layout view, click ____ on the Create tab.
To delete a database object, right-click the object in the Navigation Pane and then click ____ on the shortcut menu
To rename a database object, right-click the object in the Navigation Pane and then click ____ on the shortcut menu
The first step in creating an effective worksheet is to make sure you _____.
understand what is required
To enter data in a cell, you must first select or activate the _____.
The _____ feature works behind the scenes, fixing common typing or spelling mistakes when you complete a text entry
The cell being copied is called the source area (or copy area). The range of cells receiving the copy is called the _____.
destination area (or paste area)
Combining two or more selected cells into one cell is called _____ cells
Which of the following is the Ribbon path to the Cell Styles button?
Home tab | Styles group)
What effect does the Accounting Number Format have on the selected cells?
Displays cell contents with two decimal places that align vertically
How many chart types does Excel offer
To start a new line in a cell, press the _____ keys
When more than one arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic order of _____ that you use in algebra.
You can click the _____ button to undo an automatic correction
AutoCorrect Options
The _____ displays numbers with a fixed dollar sign to the left of the number, a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point, and displays numbers to the nearest cent.
Accounting number format
If you do not assign a format to a cell or cells in a column, the column width will remain _____ characters
Which of the following is the path to the Spelling button?
(Review tab | Proofing group)
_____ view allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format.
Page Layout
With a solid understanding of the requirements document, an understanding of the necessary decisions, and a sketch of the worksheet, the next step is to
use Excel to create the worksheet
Which of the following is the path to the Insert button
(Home tab | Cells group)
_____ refers to cells not wide enough to display the entire entry
You should use a _____ chart to show the relationship or proportion of parts to a whole.
Which of the following is the path to the Zoom button
(View tab | Zoom group)
All of the following are PowerPoint content used to customize slides except
The Themes gallery is located on the _____ Ribbon tab
When you type the wrong character, you can press the _____ key to erase all the characters back to and including the one that is incorrect.
You can insert a new slide by pressing the _____ keyboard shortcut keys.
What is the correct path to the Bold button?
(Home tab | Font group)
To change the font size of selected text, click the Decrease Font Size or Increase Font Size buttons located _____.
on the Mini toolbar
Document _____ are the details about a file
A good _____ is useful to decide when to use numerals or words to represent numbers in a sentence.
The default _____ color is set when you type text.
You can insert a picture saved in a file into a slide by clicking the Insert Picture from File button on the ____.
(Insert tab | Images group)
If you accidentally insert the wrong picture on a slide, just click the Undo button on the _____.
Quick Access Toolbar
The WordArt _____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
You can apply WordArt text fill to text that appears in more than one location on a slide by making the first selection and then pressing and holding the _____ key as you select other text.
The default view in Word is ____.
Print Layout view
When Word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the Spelling and Grammar Check icon to a _____.
red x
To move left one word with the keyboard, press the ____ key(s).
When you use the keyboard to scroll to a different position in the document, the ____ automatically moves when you press the desired keys.
insertion point
You can select a paragraph by using the ____ key(s).
To center a page's contents vertically between the top and bottom margins, click the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, click the ____ tab, click the vertical alignment box arrow, click Center in the list, and then click the
____ are words or phrases that describe a document.
T OR F: A unique identifier also is called a record key.
T or F Redundancy is the storing of a piece of data in more than one place.
T or F The Character data type is used for a field that can store a variable amount of text or combinations of text and numbers where the total number of characters may exceed 255.
T or F In Datasheet view, a table is represented as a collection of rows and columns called a list.
Tor F As shown in the accompanying figure, you can move to the first record in a table by clicking the First record Navigation button.
T or F Green computing involves reducing the environmental waste generated when using a computer
T or F Standard properties are associated with all Microsoft Office documents and include author, title, and subject
T or F Both the Cancel box and the Enter box appear on the formula bar when you begin typing in a cell.
T or F When you click the Enter box to complete an entry in a cell, the active cell moves down to the next cell in the same column.
T or F A single point is about 1/32 of one inch in height
T or F Excel uses the default Oriel Theme for all new workbooks
T or F To draw a Clustered Cylinder chart, first select the data to be charted and then click the Column button (Insert tab | Charts group).
T or F You can clear cell contents and formatting by clicking Clear Contents on the Clear button menu.
T or F The equal sign (=) precedes a formula
T or F An asterisk (*) following a cell reference in a formula is the arithmetic operator that directs Excel to perform the division operation
T or F A floating dollar sign appears immediately to the left of the first digit in a dollar value with no spaces.
T or F.Formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets conditions that you specify is called conditional formatting.
T or FThe Increase Indent button indents the contents of a cell to the right by three spaces each time you click it.
T or F In the accompanying figure, worksheet titles are frozen above and to the left of cell B13.
T or F If worksheet, column, and row titles are frozen above and to the left of cell B13, B13 can be selected by pressing CTRL+HOME
T or F A nested IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function
T or FExcel includes four types of Sparkline charts: Line, Column, Win/Lose, and Stock.
T or F The range of entries that determines the size of the slices in a Pie chart is called the category names.
T or F If you click a 3-D Pie chart so that all of the slices are selected, you can drag one of the slices to explode it, leaving the remaining slices unexploded.
T or F The default slide layouts are set up in portrait orientation.
T or F A paragraph is a segment of text with the same format that begins when you press the ENTER key and ends when you press the ENTER key again.
T or F You can remove selected text from a slide by pressing the CTRL+X keyboard shortcut keys.
T or F When making a presentation to an audience using PowerPoint, you use Notes Page view.
T or F You can advance slides during a slide show by pressing the PAGE DOWN key
T of F Two popular electronic image formats are PDF and XPS.
T or F It is considered good practice to save a presentation before printing it
T or F A color scheme consists of four colors for a background and text.
T or F The four colors on the Theme Colors button represent the primary text and background colors and two accent colors.
T or F Offsets repeat a background image many times vertically and horizontally on a slide.
T or F The Format Painter button is located in the Font group on the Home tab.
T or F One method of adding appealing visual elements to a presentation is by using WordArt styles
T or F A rectangle object is used to insert text in a slide area where there is no text placeholder.
T or F High color saturation produces gray tones.
T or F You can mix picture recoloring and artistic effects to create a unique image.
T or F The AutoFit Options button is used to resize a placeholder to fit its text content.
T or F When you ungroup a clip art picture, PowerPoint breaks it into its component objects.
T or F Well-produced video clips add value when they help explain a procedure or show movement that cannot be captured in a photograph.
T or F You cannot change the color of a video clip.
T or F Audio content developers use a codec (compressor/decompressor) to reduce a digital media file's required storage space and to transfer the file across the Internet quickly and smoothly.
T or F A document may wordwrap differently depending on the type of printer being used.
T or F A flagged word is one that is misspelled.
T or F As shown in the accompanying figure, Word shades a shaded area from the left margin to the right margin of the current paragraph
T of F Word provides an Undo button that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action.
T or F If you do not use the transparent Mini toolbar, as shown in the accompanying figure, it disappears from the screen.
T or F Using document properties, like those in the accompanying figure, is unlikely to save users time locating a particular file because they cannot view a document's properties without opening the document.