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Rock n Roll
Rock n roll artists
Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley
Teen Pop, British Invasion, Folk Protest Music
Teen Pop artists
The Beach Boys
British Invasion (1963 - 1966) Artists
The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, The Who
Folk Protest Music Artists
Bob Dylan (lyrics were his most potent weapons), Joni Mitchell
Beetles Style
Progressive Rock, British Invasion
Progressive Rock info
-performed rock standards with extensive orchestral backing
-composed longer, multi-tracked & multi-movement
-composed experimental electronic music
Progressive Rock Bands
The Beetles & Queen
Progressive Rock, Funk, Disco and Heavy Rock/Metal
MTV (Music Television) was most important marketing tool. Majority used synthesizers and drum machines.
Australian Rock
Aussie Pub Rock
Aussie rock
Development of national identity from 1970
Golden age of Pub rock in 1980
Dominance of indie rock from late 1990
Aussie rock early artists
Sherbet and Skyhooks