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Mr. Whal

a ruler who required every vassal to swear first allegiance to him

william the conqueror

a document that asserted the rights of nobles

common law

a legal system based on custom and court rulings

habeas corpus

the principle that a person cannot be imprisoned without first being charged with crime

Magna Carta

a French king who led two crusades

Louis IX

In the high middle ages, the balance of power began to shift toward


What was one of HenryII's greatest accomplishments?

he developed a unified legal system

With the " power of the purse," Parliament could

limit the power of the king

How did the Capetian kings establish order in France?

they built an effective bureaucracy

In contrast to the English Paraliament, the French Estates General

did not gain control of finances

While _____ was a great reformer, he also aroused much hatred

pope gregory VII

The holy roman emperor _____ dreamed of building a great empire

Frederick barbarossa

As head of the Church, _______ claimed supremacy over all rulers.

pope innocent III

The dispute over the issue of _____ was resolved by the Concordat of Worms

lay investiture

Crowned king of Germany, ____ later became holy roman emperor

Henry IV

The power of the holy roman emperors was limited by

their inability to control their vassals

The conflict between Henry IV and Gregory VII was caused by a disagreement over

the right to appoint and install bishops

In the 1100s and 1200s holy roman emperors wanted to control


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