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My poem about love, a contest entry to contests on any group that im in that is happening right now.

"I Love You"

Come with me, true love, take my hand,
We're closely connected by a strand.
If you love me, tell me now,
Because I can hear a rooster crow,
A crow that marks a new you, new me,
Started with a loving glee.

For a long time I loved you,
But I never told a word,
And neither did you - oh, absurd!
I was dying with myself.

Now's my last chance to admit,
Or I will fall into a pit;
I love you, and I hope you, too,
Because my heart is made for you,
So won't you take it from my hands?
Oh, my true love, tell me true,
Will you be there when I'm with you?
Do not let this chance escape,
For I'm all trapped up, wrapped in tape.
One of us must make a move,
Or what will happen when I die?

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