Adjectives that Change Meaning (Ser vs. Estar)

ser fresco/a
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ser aburrido/ato be boringser bueno/ato be good, kind (good in general)ser divertido/ato be funser listo/ato be clever, smartser malo/ato be bad, evilser guapo/ato be handsomeser bonito/ato be prettyser feo/ato be uglyser vivo/ato be smart, livelyestar aburrido/ato be boredestar bueno/ato be good tasting (specific item), in good conditionestar divertido/ato be amusedestar listo/ato be readyestar malo/ato be sick, ill or food that has gone badestar guapo/ato look handsome (for the occasion or at this moment)estar bonito/ato look prettyestar feo/ato look uglyestar vivo/ato be aliveser rojo/ato be redestar rojo/ato be rare/raw

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