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Decrease mAs

If the radiographic image is over exposed, which of the following changes in exposure factors should be used to correct the problem?


Shielding worn for personnel protection is designed to attenuate, what source of exposure?

The effiency of screen is converting x-rays to light

Intensifying screen speed is defined as

Image will be lighter on the anode end than on the cathnode end.

How will the anode heel effect, present be seen on an image

Scatter radiation, fog increases

If the amount of irradiated tissue increases, what happens to scatter radiation fog.

12 cm

As a general rule, a grid should be employed when the part thickness is greater than?

multiple myeloma, emphysema, osteoporosis

Pathologic conditions would require a decrease in exposure?

exceeds 5 rad to the uterus, occurs within the 1st trimester.

When radiation exposure occurs during pregnancy, the greatest risk of birth defects occurs when the exposure.


Contrast is primary controlled by altering the:


Radiation monitoring of personnel is required, when what % of the annual occupational effective dose limit is likely to received?

contact, shadow

Which of the following are types of gonad shields?

Reduce the likelihood of genetic effects.

What is the primary purpose of using gonad shields during radiography?

Faster-Speed IR system

Which of the following (IR) system speeds will result in the lowest patient dose?


What is the conventional (British System) radiation unit to express radiation intensity in air?

Limits radiation fog

How does beam restriction minimize patient exposure.

Density, contrast, distortion and recorded detail.

What are the 4 primary aspects of radiographic quality?

mA, exposure time, kVp and distance (SID)

Which of the following are the prime factors of exposure in radiography??

wire mesh tool

Which of the following is used to test film/screen contact?

Throughout the diagnostic radiology kVp range

At what kVp levels do Compton interactions occur?

With in 1 degree of perpendicular

What is the standard control for the beam (central ray) alignment test

Recorded detail

Motion of the patient, the tube or the IR during exposure will result in?

1 % of SID

What is the standard controls limit for the field light to radiation field alignment test.

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