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HOSA sports medicine stretches


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Lateral neck stretch
Hand on head and tilt neck towards the hand on the head.
Chest stretch
Go to corner of wall. Put both arms shoulder level. One foot in front of the other. Lean towards wall with chest.
Anterior deltoid stretch
Stand perpendicular to wall. Put arm closest to wall behind you at shoulder level. Twist shoulders away from wall.
Posterior deltoid stretch
One arm extended at shoulder level. Other hand make into fist and put on elbow. Pull gently towards other arm
Tricep stretch
Put arm behind head and bend at elbow. Put opposite hand on elbow and pull gently.
Back extension/abdominal stretch
Seal stretch
Low back stretch (one knee)
Lay on back. Bend one knee and pull up to chest
Low back stretch (both knees)
Lay on back. Pool both knees up to chest.
Cat stretch
Get on hands and knees. Slowly arts back up. Slightly arched back towards the floor.
Hip flexor stretch
Stand with 1 foot in front of body and 1 foot behind. Press hips forward and downward.
Hip/trunk/Tensor Fasciae Latae stretch
Lay with back on floor. One knee is brought up towards chest. Cross me over body pressed need towards floor with opposite hand.
Groin stretch (butterfly)
Sit on floor knees bent, soles of feet touching. Grab ankles. Push knees down with elbows on them.
Laying hamstring stretch
Lay on back. One knee bent one me straight in the air with foot flex. Grab straight leg and pull towards you.
Standing hamstring stretch
Stand with 1 foot extended forward. Place foot on 4 to 8 inch platform. Hands on hips to maintain balance. Lean forward from hips keeping leg straight, toes elevated and heal on floor.
Standing quadriceps stretch
Stand perpendicular to wall, arms distance away. Pull knee closest to wall up (heal to butt) Grab with opposite hand. Ball of foot pulled towards butt
Gastrocnemius stretch
Stand facing wall. Put arms on wall at shoulder level. Put one leg in front of the other (bend knee, back leg straight and flat on floor) lean towards wall, lead with hips.
Soleus stretch
Stand facing wall. Hands on wall at shoulder height. 1 foot in front of the other. Both knees bent and feet flat on floor. Lean towards the wall with hips
Lateral neck stretch...
Stretches Sternocleidomastoid.muscles
Chest stretch stretches...
Pectoral muscles
Anterior deltoid stretch...
Stretches anterior deltoid muscles
Posterior deltoid stretch...
Stretches posterior deltoid muscles
Tricep stretch...
Stretches the tricep
Back extension/abdominal stretch...
Stretches the abdomen muscles
Low back stretch with one leg...
Stretches lower back muscles and gluteal muscles
Cat stretch...
Stretches upper and mid back muscles and abdominal muscles
Hip flexor stretch...
Stretches hip muscles and quadriceps of anterior thigh
Hip/trunk/tensor fasciae latae stretch...
Stretches the Tensor Fasciae Latae on lateral thigh
Groin (butterfly) stretch...
Stretches abductors
Lower back stretch with both knees...
Streches lower back muscles and gluteal muscles
Lying hamstring stretch...
Stretches hamstrings
Standing hamstring stretch...
Stretches hamstring muscles
Standing quadricep stretch...
Stretches quadriceps muscles
Gastrocnemius stretch...
Stretches the gastrocnemius
Soleus stretch...
Stretches the Soleus