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excludes vocabulary

antonio parera

the composer of "El Capeo"

The Cape

"El Capeo" means

intro. AB, trio (repeated), AB

European March Firm

by going from the minor to the parallel major

the trio of "El Capeo" changes by

a Spanish "paso doble"

"El Capeo" is in the style

Harold Walters

composed "El Capeo" for band


originally thought to be the composer of "Toccata"


Frescobaldi is from


Frescobaldi is from what time period

Gaspar Cassado

the most likely composer of "Toccata"


Cassado is from

the cello and piano

"Toccata" was originally writen for

the mid 1900's

when was "Toccata" transcribed for band


"Toccata" opens with the marking of

to touch

"Toccata" cames from the Italian word "toccare" which means

a keyboard instrument

most often a toccata is written for


the form of "Toccata"


"Toccata" was transcribed for Orchestra before Band

Pierre La Plante

the composer for "American Riversongs"


the form of "American Riversongs"

American folk songs

"American Riversongs" is made up of


"American Riversongs" has __ melodies

a high school in Wisconsin

the composer of "American Riversongs" teaches at


"The Glendy Burk" is coupled with a bamboula tune originating from

is usually played on a banjo

a bamboula is


in "American Riversongs" the first theme of "Shenandoah" is first played by

Oberlin High School Band

"American Riversongs" was commissioned by

Claude T. Smith

"Emperata Overture" was composed by


"Emperata Overture" was written in


the form of "Emperata Overture" is

a fanfare in the brass

"Emperata Overture" opens with


the opening fanfare of "Emperata Overture" is drawn from the theme


the opening theme of "Emperata Overture" is first heard by the


the last big section of "Emperata Overture" is in the form of


"Emperata Overture" was the first published work by this composer


a 7/8 meter has __ beats

up one step

the key of "Emperata Overture" _______ at the end

Robert Sheldon

"A Longford Legend" was composed by

three irish street ballads

"A Longford Legend" is based on

West Normal IL High School

"A Longford Legend" was commissioned by

all of the above

"A Longford Legend" is writted as a tribute of the style of

the british isles

all of the above composers wrote music based on


the composer of "A Longford Legend" teaches in

song of death

the "Dies Irae" is the


"Shenandoah" is from

the civil war

"Shenandoah" originated around the time of

john tatgenhorst

"Shenandoah" was arranged by

all of the above

the arranger of "Shenandoah" also made music for

john paynter

the version of "Shenandoah" was written in memory of

northwest univeristy

the arranger of "Shenandoah" taught at


the form of "Shenandoah" is

Andrew LLoyd Webber

who composed "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat"


the composer of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" was born in

michael sweeny

arranger of the medley of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" is


tim rice wrote the lyrics for these songs

les miserables

andrew lloyd weber and tim rice did not work together on


"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" was originally written for children

the book of Genesis in the Bible

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" come from


"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" was first preformed in

20 minutes longs

the original production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat" was

David Holsinger

the composer of "Havendance"


"Havendance" is in the form of


"Havendance" is a tribute to the composer's


the recapitulation is exactly like the opening of "Havendance"

stays the same

the speed of the quarter note ______ throughout the song

lots of meter changes

"Havendance" features

the ostwald award

the composer of "Havendance" has twice won

a child dancing

"Havendance" depicts


the composer of "Havendance" teaches in


"Havendance" was composed in

three thematic ideas

the A section of "Havendance" has

five strong beats

most 5/4 meters in "Havendance" have

the use of ostinato figures

the composer of "Havendance" often uses the compositional technique of

over 100 pieces for band

the composer of "Havendance" has written


the composer of "Havendance" has written both sacred and secular music

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