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College level psychology 100

The retention of encoded information over time refers to


Some of the information in our ________ memory is encoded into ________ memory.

sensory; working

During her psychology test, Kelsey could not remember the meaning of the term implicit memory. Surprisingly, she did remember that the term appeared on the fourth line of a left-hand page in her textbook. Her memory of the words on the page is best explained by

automatic processing

The ability to unconsciously process how many times you checked your e-mail during the past 24 hours best illustrates

automatic processing

Encoding new memories through rehearsal best illustrates

effortful processing.

The importance of effortful processing for long-term retention is best illustrated by

the testing effect.

The process in which memories initially encoded in the hippocampus are transferred for storage in other regions of the brain is called

memory consolidation

Which part of the brain plays a key role in forming and storing the implicit memories created by classical conditioning?


What we know or imagine contributes to our ability to process new information. This best illustrates the importance of

encoding meaning

The address for getting tickets to a popular quiz show is flashed on the TV screen. The image disappears so quickly that Sergei doesn't have a chance to write it all down. To his surprise, he has retained a momentary mental image of the five-digit zip code. His experience best illustrates ________ memory.


Passing an electric current through the brain during electroconvulsive therapy is most likely to disrupt ________ memory.


A flashbulb memory would typically be stored in ________ memory.


When 80-year-old Ida looked at her old wedding pictures, she was flooded with vivid memories of her parents, her husband, and the early years of her marriage. The pictures served as powerful

retrieval cues

Which memory test would most effectively reveal that Mr. Quintano, at age 55, still remembers many of his high school classmates?


While in a restaurant where you've often met a friend for lunch, you see a stranger who walks and talks like that friend. This is likely to trigger the experience of

déjà vu.

A loss of an encoded memory due to a gradual fading of the memory trace best illustrates

storage decay.

A memory trace refers to

enduring physical changes in the brain as a memory forms.

Sigmund Freud emphasized that the forgetting of painful experiences is caused by a process that involves

retrieval failure.

After learning the password for his new desk computer at school, Kiyoshi is unable to remember the password for his year-old laptop. Kiyoshi is experiencing the effects of


Research on memory construction indicates that

false memories of imagined events are often recalled as something that had really happened

Karen attends several group therapy sessions for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Later, she mistakenly remembers details from the traumatic life stories of other people as though they had happened to her. This best illustrates the dangers of

source amnesia

A newspaper report suggests that drunken driving might have caused a recent auto accident. After reading the article, several witnesses to the accident began to remember the driver involved as traveling more recklessly than he actually was. This provides an example of

the misinformation effect

To help resolve the controversy over reports of repressed memories of sexual abuse, the major psychological and psychiatric associations suggest that

adult memories of experiences happening before age 3 are unreliable.

Which of the following techniques used by professional therapists are likely to promote false memories in patients?

all of these techniques

People should avoid back-to-back study times for learning Spanish and French vocabulary in order to minimize


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