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When the root of a triad is its lowest note, the chord is in ___________ position


When there is a change in the relative position of the notes from root position, or in other words, when a note other than the root of the triad is in the bass voice, the triad is ___________


A first inversion triad has the _______ of the chord in the bass voice.


Which notes are generally doubled in first inversion primary triads

I, IV, V

What is the complete figuring for a first inversion triad with the root doubled,__________ and how is it abbreviated?

663, 63, or 6

What note is doubled by the figured bass V663 in the key of Ab Major? Note name, _________ and scale degree _________

Bb, 5th

The figured bass for a triad with the 5th doubled is __________


The figured bass for a triad with the 3rd doubled is ________


IV6 to V6 is available in Major. Why is iv6 to V6 not written in minor?

Aug. 2nd in the bass voice (dissonant intervals not allowed)

What stipulation, in regard to voice motion, must be followed when voicing a phrygian cadence

subdominant to dominant voice leading in the soprano

A second inversion triad has the _______ of the chord in the bass voice


Which note is always doubled in second inversion traids, __________ and what is figured bass? __________

5th, 64

Second inversion chords are commonly called

64 chord

The most widely used of all second inversions is the


Usually, the 6th and 4th above the bass note of a cadential six-four resolve


A cadential six-four and its resolution, usually appear in what type a rhythmic relationship

strong, weak

A passing six-four chord appears between

I & I6 and IV & IV6

What passing six-four may appear between I and I6


What passing six-four may appear between IV6 and IV


Passing six-four chords must appear in what type of rhythmic position

weak, strong

Describe an auxiliary six-four

occurs between 2 root position chords

Auxiliary six-four chords must appear in what type of rhythmic position


Describe an arpeggiated six-four chord.

i64 preceded or bollowed by i or i6

Concerning arpeggiated six-four chords, which voice is arpeggiated

bass voice

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