21 terms

Constructions: à, de or nothing

il s'agit de
this is
attendre qch/sb
to wait for
avoir peur de
to be afraid of
cacher qch a qn
to hid sth from sb
to look for
decider de faire
to decide to do
douter de / se douter de
to doubt / to suspect
enseiger a
to teach
essayer de faire
to try to do
to avoid
faire attention a
to pay attention to
etre incapable de faire
to be unable to do
manquer de qch
to lack sth
etre necessaire a qch
to be necessary for sth
penser a VS penser de
to think about VS to think/have an opinion of sth
remercier qn de qch
to thank sb for sth
repondre a qch
to answer sth
etre responsable de qch
to be responsible for sth
resembler a qch
to look like sth
se souvenir de qch/qn
to remember sth/sb
user de qch
to make use of sth