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il s'agit de

this is

attendre qch/sb

to wait for

avoir peur de

to be afraid of

cacher qch a qn

to hid sth from sb


to look for

decider de faire

to decide to do

douter de / se douter de

to doubt / to suspect

enseiger a

to teach

essayer de faire

to try to do


to avoid

faire attention a

to pay attention to

etre incapable de faire

to be unable to do

manquer de qch

to lack sth

etre necessaire a qch

to be necessary for sth

penser a VS penser de

to think about VS to think/have an opinion of sth

remercier qn de qch

to thank sb for sth

repondre a qch

to answer sth

etre responsable de qch

to be responsible for sth

resembler a qch

to look like sth

se souvenir de qch/qn

to remember sth/sb

user de qch

to make use of sth

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