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AP Human Geo Unit 5


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Shifting cultivation
cultivation of crops in tropical forest clearings in which the forest vegetation has been removed by cutting and burning. These clearings are usually abandonded after a few years in favor of newly cleared forest land.
Township and Range system
a rectangular land division scheme designed by Thomas Jefferson to disperse settlers evenly across farmlands if the U.S. Interior.
the current interglaciation period, extending from 10,000 years ago to the present on the geologic time scale
Hydrologic Cycle
the system of exchange involving water in its various forms as it continually circulates among the atmosphere, the oceans, and above and below land surface
Where is organic food grown?
Where is the demand for organic food the greatest?
US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia
Examples of primary economic activities
agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining
% of Guatemalas labor work force work in agriculture?
What would hunters and gathers specialize if they lived on a large water source?
Salmon fishing
First plant domestication?
tropical plants
Where do scholars believe the first seed cultivation or first agricultural revolution occur?
Nile river valley in North Africa or Southwest Asia
What region did corn or maize first orginate
Of 148, how many large animals have been domesticated?
List the hunter gather groups
American Indians,
Why can't shifting cultivation maintain a dense population?
Farmers need dense, usable land and they are always moving
Explain how colonial powers could impact subsistence farmers
grow cash crops in addition to food crops the farmer needed to survive
Traits of a true subsistence farmer
growing enough food to survive
What centuries did the Second Agricultural Revolution occur?
17 and 18 century
Von Thunen Model
A model that explains the location of agricultural activities in a commercial, profit-making economy. A process of spatial competition allocates various farming activities into rings around a central market city, with profit-earning capability the determining force in how far a crop locates from the market.
What observations did geographer Lee Liu make about soil degradation surrounding Chinese villages?
found soils in intensively used fields near villages that were fertile and productive
WHat is IR36?
type of rice that was genetically modified crop that was resistant against pests and grew quickly
What is the most prevalent residential pattern in agricultural areas around the world?
Where did colonial powers transplant rubber trees?
southeast asia
Where is 70% of coffee produced?
middle and south america
What % of retail price is returned to the grower in a fair trade system?
Which agricultural activity is widespread in Northeastern US and Northwestern Europe?
Dairy Farming
Why do tsunamis occur?
undersea earthquake. a piece of earths crust is pulled under and water rises above it
What causes the depletion of the ozone layer?
Who developed the theory of continental drift?
Alfred Wegner
What % of earth is covered in water?
What is the most recent glaciation to occur in the Pleistocene?
Wisconsin Glaciation
How many years ago did Mt, Toba explode?
When did the little ice age begin?
According to climatologists, what contributed to early collapse of Jamestown?
How did the little ice age affect the Ming Dynasty?
It ended it
When did the year without summer occur?
How did Polynesians exterminate over 80% of their bird species?
wearing bird feather robes
Where does Israel get water?
outside of israel
List the greenhouse gases
FOSSIL FUELS! Oil, coal, natural gas
On a global scale, where has acid rain become more prevalent?
Europe, US, Asia
In 1980, the FAO of UN detirmened what % of tropical rain forests have been depleted?
Why are second growth trees not as good for the enviroment as first grown trees?
trees aren't dying which are needed habitats for some animals
How many pounds of solid waste does the US produce each day?
What causes the most consumption of resources?
Why is Kuwait developing fresh water as resources?
it is a altnertive source of wealth than oil (which is threatening to run out); turning salt water into drinkable water