22 terms

introduction to catering

client agreement.
The document a caterer uses to stipulate the terms, conditions, and contents of the services he or she will provide each client is called the
keep the menus simple.
One of the keys to running a lucrative catering business is to
You can use a standard caterer's symbol, such as a chef's hat, on your business card as your
partial service catering.
Suppose you're a caterer who specializes in cooking and serving meals in the client's house. What type of catering service are you providing?
Research your area and develop a marketing strategy.
What's best way to get your catering business started?
Position yourself in an untapped consumer market.
What would you want to do when developing a marketing position?
A new caterer, working off premise, typically invests less than _______ to open a catering business.
On your business card, you position your business as "the area's most creative cookery." This phrase is your
public relations.
The planned effort to present a unique image through newspapers, community events, and other visible places is called
Leon is catering a luncheon. He is only supplying the food. What kind of catering service is he providing?
They'll be happy to approve a testimonial you've written.
What can you expect when you ask clients for testimonials?
a person who is independent and loves to solve problems. Nothing rattles them. Their a creative person and a great cook.
A successful caterer is usually described as:
material, labor, overhead, and profit.
To determine the price to charge for your service, you'll need to calculate the costs of the:
Turn the job down; however, give the client the name of a high-quality catering firm that can meet her needs.
You operate a small catering firm specializing in sit-down dinner parties that you prepare and serve yourself with no helpers. A client of yours loves your food so much that she has asked you to cater her daughter's wedding reception for 300 people, to be held in her back yard. It's your first chance at a big event and you're not really set up for it. You don't have the equipment, you don't have the staff, and you don't have the connections to musicians; however, you're tempted. The best decision would be to:
You failed to check the equipment during the site visit.
15. Everything at the small sit-down dinner party has gone beautifully. You go to finish off the evening with a flare by bringing in the customer's fondue pot, which you filled with melted chocolate and plugged in to keep warm several minutes ago, while you chopped up the fresh fruits to dip in it. Now the chocolate has hardened! What did you do wrong?
Which is the most important prerequisite for making your catering business successful?
Recent figures show that most caterers have a profit margin of
your speed and efficiency will improve as you go.
When first starting out, you should expect to make less money than you will later because
to always emphasize your unique specialty.
One of the best ways to generate word-of-mouth advertising is
For a new business, what percentage of your estimated first year's gross sales should be allocated to your advertising and public relations budget?
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, ect.
Name a few catering jobs:
full-service catering.
Catering in which everything from entertainment and food to flowers and decorations are provided.