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If you can afford it, the best practice is to purchase one machine for one purchase, instead of bundling many functions into a single machine.


If loose toner comes out with your printout, the fuser is not reaching the proper temperature and professional service is required.


An older PC and printer should never have a problem with bidirectional communication.


Routine printer maintenance procedures are generally the same from manufacturer to manufacturer and printer to printer.


The last four steps of the laser printing process use the printer components that undergo the most wear.


_____ printers work by placing toner on an electrically charged rotating drum and then depositing the toner on paper as the paper moves through the system at the same speed the drum is turning.


_____ printers tend to smudge on inexpensive paper, and they are slower than laser printers.


_____ printers use wax-based ink that is heated by heat pins that melt the ink onto paper. The print head containing these heat pins is a wide as the paper.


A _____ printer connects directly to a computer by way of a USB port, parallel port, serial port, wireless connection (Bluetooth, infrared, or Wi-Fi), IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port, SCSI port, PC Card, or ExpressCard.


_____ is a language used to communicate how a page is to print and was developed by Adobe Systems.


A laser printer can produce better-quality printouts than a dot matrix printer, even when printing at the same dpi, because it can vary the size of the dots it prints, creating a sharp, clear image using a technology called ____.


A(n) ____ printer uses solid dyes embedded on different transparent films.


Automatically printing on both sides of the page is called ____ printing.


A dedicated device or computer called a print ____ can control several printers connected to a network.


When you print to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer, it creates a(n) ____ file.


To know the IP address of a network printer, direct the printer to print a ____ page.


Manufacturers of high-end printers provide ____ kits, which include specific printer components, step-by-step instructions for performing maintenance, and any special tools or equipment you need to do maintenance.

printer maintenance

To find out how many pages a printer has printed so that you know if you need to do the maintenance, you need to have the printer give you the ____ count since the last maintenance.


In a laser printer, the fuser should last for about ____ pages.


When cleaning a printer, to prevent the inkjet nozzles from drying out, don't leave the ink cartridges out of their cradle for longer than ____ minutes.


Printer ____ is updated by replacing the printer's DIMM that contains the code or by downloading the update from the manufacturer's Web site.


A printer ____ page generally prints some text, some graphics, and some information about the printer, such as the printer resolution and how much memory is installed.


Check ____ for recorded events that have to do with the printer or the port it is using.

Event viewer

If symbols or other special characters don't print correctly on a laser printer, try using ____ printing rather than asking the printer to interpret the characters


Do not use less than ____-LB paper in any type of printer, unless the printer documentation specifically says that a lower weight is satisfactory.


used to optimize the hard drive


Popular because it is small and can print color inexpensively

inkjet printer

Text data that contains no embedded control characters is sent to the printer as is, and the printer can print it without any processing

raw data

Are usually caused by a problem with the image drum or toner cartridge

ghosted images

Builds the page and then sends it to the printer

Windows GDI

Long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity

extension magnet brush

A type of electrophotographic printer that can range from a small, personal desktop model to a large, network printer capable of handling and printing large volumes continuously

laser printer

Creates a printed page by using some mechanism that touches or hits the paper

impact printer

Used to verify that the hard drive does not have errors


_________ printers use a type of ink-dispersion printing


A(n) __________ image appears a few inches below the actual darker image on the page


The _________ printer is the one windows prints to unless another is selected.


A(n) _________ printer has a network port and connects directly yo the network and not to an individual pc


Extreme ____________can cause the toner to clump in the cartridge and give a toner low message


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