preterite regular -ar verbs


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When is the preterite tense used?
To talk about completed actions in the past
hablar - yo
yo hablé / I spoke
What is the yo ending for ar verbs?
What is the tú ending for ar verbs
trabajar - tú
tú trabajaste / you worked
What is the usted, él, ella ending for ar verbs?
aceptar - ella
ella acceptó / she accepted
What is the vosotros ending for ar verbs?
What is the nosotros ending for ar verbs?
viajar - nosotros
viajamos / we traveled
What is the ustedes, ellos, ellas ending for ar verbs?
llevar - ellos
llevaron / they wore
Verbs ending in -car require a spelling change to what in the yo form?
buscar - yo
busqué - I searched
Verbs ending in -gar require a spelling change to what in the yo form?
llegar - yo
llegué - I arrived
Verbs ending in -zar require a spelling change to what in the yo form?
empezar - yo
empecé - I started
pasar - nosotros
pasamos / we passed
preguntar - ellas
preguntaron / they (the girls) asked
acampar - ustedes
acamparon / you all camped (formal)
visitar - yo
visité / I visited
bailar - tú
bailaste / you danced
cocinar - usted
cocinó / you cooked (formal)
escuchar - nosotros
escuchamos / we listened
ayudar - ellos
ayudaron / they helped
necesitar - yo
necesité / I needed
estudiar - tú
estudiaste / you studied
nadar - él
nadó / he swam
tomar - nosotros
tomamos / we took/drank
encontrar - ellos
encontraron / they found
mandar - yo
yo mandé / I sent
confirmar - tú
tú confirmaste / you confirmed
pintar - ella
ella pintó / she painted
dibujar - nosotros
nosotros dibujamos / we drew
caminar - ellos
ellos caminaron / they walked
regresar - ustedes
ustedes regresaron / you all returned
esquiar - yo
esquié / I skiied
mirar - tú
tú miraste / you looked at/watched
cenar - él
comió / he ate
cortar - nosotros
cortamos / we cut
patinar - ellas
ellas pintaron / they painted
ganar - ella
ella ganó / she won/earned

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