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which of the following statements about condoms is accurate

all of these statements are accurate

which of the following is a good suggestion for engaging in safer sex

all of these statements are good suggestions

to overcome psychology based erectile difficulties, the key is to

decrease performance anxiety

_____ is the gradual narrowing of the coronary arteries


the evidence linking phycological factors to the onset of cancer is

relatively weak

which of the following has been shown to increase the risk of suck diseases


ahmed maintains a diet high in serum cholesterol, eating an abundance of eggs, cheese, butter...increasing risks of

heart disease

nutritional deficiencies among americans are most likely a result of

lack of knowledge about nutrition

it's a good idea to increase consumption of complex carbohydrates matural sugars and ample fiber. you can do this be eating more food from

fruits vegetables whole grains

aids is the final stage of the hiv infection process, which manifests itself about _______ years after the original infection


worldwide, which of the following is the most common mode of transmission of the hiv virus

hetrosexual relations

people who are eager to seek medical care are most likely to be which of the following

playing the sick role

kenny believes that his dog often tells him important messages from God about how to prepare his food.


jenny can't quit wondering if she unplugged her iron this morning.

an obsession

_____are chemicals that carry signals from one neuron to another


which of the following statements regarding neurochemical factors in the development of mood disorders is accurate

all of these statements are accurate

____schizophrenia is characterized by a severe deterioration of adaptive behavior


about _____ percent of people with schizophrenia enjoy a full recovery


the prognosis is poorer for schizophrenics who return to families characterized by _______ expressed emotion


Anorexia nervosa can eventually lead to the following medical problems

all of these

eating disorder behaviors

have always existed but are now more common in affluent western societies

a young woman who says to herself i must be thin to be accepted, is demonstrating which of the following factors on the etiology of eating disorders


the prescription of drugs in the treatment of psychological disorders is a feature of

biomedical therapy

_____is spontaneously expressing thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur

free association

according to the client centered approach to therapy, personal distress and neurotic anxieties are usually caused by

incongruence between self concept and reality

which of the following is not one of the conditions Rogers felt was necessary for a positive therapeutic climate

conditional free association

___ is a behavior therapy in which a noxious stimulus is paired with a stimulus that elicits an undesirable response

aversion therapy

which of the following is not considered a type of therapeutic drug


____ is a therapeutic approach that involves borrowing ideas insights and techniques from a variety of sources while tailoring the intervention strategy to the unique needs of the client


which if the following statements regarding the role of a therapist's profession is accurate

there is no reliable association between therapists' professional background and therapeutic efficacy

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