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Test prep for 8th gr. History test on Vietnam 2008

Ho Chi Minh

leader of the Communist Party in Indochina after WWII; led Vietnamese against the French, then North Vietnamese against the United States in the Vietnam War


Leader of South Vietnam, 1954-1963; supported by United States, but not by Vietnamese Buddhist majority; assassinated in 1963


Communist guerillas in South Vietnam who fought against South Vietnam and US forces

2 important events in 1964

Gulf of Tonkin resolution Free speech movement begins

4 important events in 1968

My Lai massacre Tet offensive MLK and RFK both assassinated

fell to Communism in1975

South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Domino theory

Belief that if one country fell to communism, neighboring countries would likewise fall

Gulf of Tonkin

1964 Congressional resolution authorizing President Johnson to take military action in Vietnam

Tet Offensive

1968 attack by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces throughout South Vietnam


Laos Cambodia Vietnam

US presidents that were in office during Vietnam

Eisenhower Kennedy (advisors) / Johnson Nixon

My Lai massacre

Happened in a small village in South Vietnam thought to be sheltering Viet Cong was raided by American troops

tell about the My Lai massacre

The soldiers only found women, children, old men. The US soldiers killed more than 400 villagers in the massacre until Pilot Hugh Thompson stopped them.


Highly flammable chemical dropped from US planes in firebombing attacks during the Vietnam War.

Pentagon Papers

June 1971 the New York Times began publishing articles based on a classified government study of American involvement in the Vietnam War.

What surfaced from the Pentagon Papers?

The government officials had lied to congress and made secret deals with the French and been fighting a secret war against the North Vietnamese since 1960s.

Teach ins

Special session of lecture and discussion on a controversial topic that often occurred during the Vietnam War era

# of troops over in Vietnam war in 1965


# of troops over in Vietnam war in 1968


saturation bombing

The dropping of a large concentration of bombs over a certain area

Vietnam war (life cost)

US soldiers 58,000 died 300,000 wounded 2,500 POW/MIA

Vietnam war (financial cost)

$150 billion cost

outcome of the Vietnam war

April 29, 1975 airlift of 1,000 Americans and 6,000 Vietnamese US stopped fighting in 1973 April 30, 1975 North Vietnam takes complete control.

Silent Majority

Term used by President Nixon to describe Americans who disapproved of the counterculture.

George Wallace

1968 Independent party candidate for President Governor of Alabama

Eugene McCarthy

1968 Democratic candidate for President

Eugene McCarthy 's position on the Vietnam war


it was a close primary between Eugene McCarthy and

LBJ (Lindon Johnson)

Public reaction to MLK assassination

Rioting, setting fires, and looting in 124 cities 45 people died in the violence

Robert Kennedy won what primary

California primary

Name the Repubblican candidate in the1968 election


Name the Democratic candidate in the1968 election


Name the American Independent candidate in the1968 election

George Wallace

What did Walter Cronkite say that made LBJ decide not to run?

The war was going to end in a stalemate

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