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Howard Gardener and the MI theory

psychologist louis thurstones theory if intelligence is very similar to

was made up of two main factors

Psychologist charles spearman believed that intelligence

identify specific areas of intellectual weakness

the wechler scales hope to

hold jobs, take care of themselves

mildly retarded disabled adults are often able to

severely retarded

constant supervision and care is required for people who are


the mental activity involved in understanding, processing and communicating information is

helping a person visualize the best action

a balance sheet may help in solving a problem by

age 2-5

psychologists believed that a second language is most easliy learned

bad evidence, ignore examples of contradiction

people tend to be overconfident of their reasoning because theyq

weighing the pluses and minuses

which method of decision making involves using a balance sheet?

it always leads to the solution

the main advantage of using an algorithm is that,

complex and time consuming

the main disadvantage of using an algorithm is that

they are less reliable

main disadvantage of using heuristics is that


what is an example of a physical need?


what are forces associated with needs that motivate an organism to take action?

instinct theory

what theory of motivation proposes that behavior patterns are genetically transmitted?

abraham maslow

the need for self actualization is part of the theory proposed by

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