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Afghanistan Today

How much of the population are Pashtun?
how much of the population are Hazara?
how much of the population are Tajik?
Who are the Kuchi?
nomadic Pashtuns
What code do the Pashtuns follow?
What does Pashtunwali emphasize? (5)
values of honor, mutual support, solidarity, shame, and redemption
What is the hazara-kuchi conflict based on?
land, but has roots in ethnic disputes between Hazaras and Pashtuns
What actions did political leaders take?
use conflict to exploit the support of one group over the other to gain leadership positions
What is Jirga?
a decision-making assembly
What was the purpose of Hamid Karzi's Peace Jirga?
to organize negotiations with Taliban leaders, reintegrate former militants into society, and bring peace and stability to Afghanistan
What is essential to increase stability?
international aid
Who are worried about the Taliban negotiations and why?
Women and ethnic minorities because they have fragile positions in society and politics
How much of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan?
What limits Afghanistan's industry?
war and low supplies of raw materials
In what field do a majority of Afghan workers earn their living?
When was Afghanistan's presidential election?
Oct. 9 2004
How many Afghans voted in the 2004 election?
8 million
What is the role of the president?
head of state and commander-in-chief of Afghanistan's armed forces
What positions does the constitution detail?
popularly elected President, two vice presidents, and national assembly with the house of people (Wolesi Jirga) and the house of elders (Meshrano Jirga)
When did the first Afghan immigrants arrive in the U.S.
1930's and 1940's
When was there a surge in Afghan immigrants and why?
1980's due to the Soviet Invasion
What kind of people first immigrated to the U.S.?
upper classes, highly educated, and trained in a profession
How do most Afghans enter the U.S. currently?
family reunification criteria
What are modern immigrants like?
not much experience with Americans, less educated, not very familiar with english
what is their settlement pattern?
large urban centers around other Afghans
How many Afghans live in the Bay Area?
What is the issue for Afghan American children?
they are in limbo between two cultures