The Excretory (Urinary) System

What is the primary organ of the Urinary system? What is the tract (passage way) of the Urinary system?
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What are the functions of the proximal convoluted tubule?reabsorbs water and salt, glucose and other important substancesWhat are the functions of the nephron loop? (Loop of Henle) What are the 2 parts?extends deep into the medulla and reabsorbs water and salt. 2 parts: descending limb and ascending limbYou are a molecule of filtrate. List the structures that you pass in order as you exit glomerulus to the exterior of the body.afferent arteriole -> glomerulus -> proximal convoluted tubule -> descending limb -> ascending limb -> distal convoluted tubule -> collecting ducts -> minor calyx -> major calyx -> renal pelvis -> ureters -> urinary bladder -> urethra -> exterior of the bodyWhat is the function Peritubular capillaries?absorb fluids that have been modified by the nephronWhat is the function of the collecting ducts?receive urine from the nephronsWhat is the function of the urinary bladder? What are the 4 layers of the urinary bladder wall?Store urine. Muscosa, Submucosa. Muscularis externa, SerosaWhat are the 3 layers of the urethra?mucosa, smooth muscularis layer and adventitiaWhat are the main differences between the male and female urethra?female urethra is much shorter. male urethra has 3 parts: prostatic urethra, membranous urethra, penile urethra