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Stone Age to Middle Ages

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Means: "one-sound" and refers to all performers singing the same thing.
Stone Age
Classified by the use of stonework
Flutes from the stone age were mostly made from what material
It is hollow
Why was bone good for making flutes?
Bronze Age
What age would have used copper or gold on weapons and instruments?
Iron Age
What Age would have used steel?
During the Bronze and Iron ages instruments were made of wood, animal skins, string and what other type of material?
They were able make more complex instruments.
Between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age there was a big jump in technology. How did this jump affect the way instruments were made?
Very cold
What was the temperature like during the Medieval Age?
Medieval Age
Plainchant was first heard during which age?
What style of song also became known as Gregorian Chant?
In certain Masses and in popular music.
Where can you hear Plainsong being sung today?
Monophonic, sung A Capella, and sung in Latin
What are three characteristics of Plainchant?