Social Psychology - CH 2

Describe how humans are impacted by both nature and culture.
Nature comes first, and culture builds on what nature has furnished.
Nature says go while culture says stop. Nature has people perform actions we were designed to perform. However culture may put stops on some of these actions. Nature - How we were born; Culture - How our parents raised us.
Different reproductive strategies of men and women.
Men desire more sex partners while women would rather have one monogamous relationship. This may be due to females only being able to have one child per year while men can make multiple children through multiple partners.
Explain why the ,"Why are people the same everywhere question" is an issue.
It is an issue because cultural differences are too large to formulate any conclusion.
Describe how people are the same and different across cultures.
People may be the same across cultures because of how we react to certain things, however we may be different in the degree to which we react.
Describe the main advantages of culture.
Shared Ideas, Culture as a System, Culture as a Praxis, Information and Meaning.
Define and explain the duplex mind, including the differences between the two systems.
The duplex mind is a mind with two parts. Automatic and conscious systems. The Automatic system performs simple tasks while the conscious system perform more complex calculations. The automatic system is quick while the conscious system requires more effort.
Explain how the automatic and conscious systems work together.
The automatic system works behind the scenes in order to make the conscious system operate.