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The Great Depression


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Dust Bowl
forced farmers to go to California where they remained in poverty
Stock Market
place to buy and sell shares
People who rode across the country on trains looking for work
Soup Kitchens
"If you happened to be one of the first in line, you did not get anything but water on top. So we ask him to dip down to get the meat and potatoes, but he would not do it."
there were many new products Americans wanted and credit was easy to obtain
Black Tuesday
the stock market took its biggest ever drop and lots of money was lost by investors
Hundred Days
Congress passed many laws to deal with the economic crisis
New Deal
Roosevelt's attempt to ease the Great Depression with new government programs
people who were forced to live there blamed President Hoover for their plight
Fireside Chat
used by Roosevelt to let people know about New Deal policies and how the government was trying to help
Govt. controlled industrial production and prices with rules for fair competition
Provided employment in construction of airports, parks, schools, and roads
Social Security
Govt. help for the elderly and sick
Jesse Owens
First African American to win an Olympic Gold Medal - He won four gold medals in 1936 in Berlin.
Duke Ellington
Famous Jazz musician
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President who promised the American people a "New Deal" during the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover
President during the 1930s who was considered a failure because he couldn't fix the Great Depression
Margaret Mitchell
The Georgia author that wrote "Gone with the Wind"
Civilian Conservation Core
Tennessee Valley Authority
a time when the economy is decreasing

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