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Hypericum 'Hidcote'
Hidcote Hypericum (St. Johnswart)

small shrub spreading upright
reddish twiggy stems
opposite lanceolately/ovate thick
dark green then maroon late fall
flower: yellow Jul/Sep bloom on terminal
fruit: brown thru fall/winter capsule
value: late seasonal color
Hibiscus syriacus
Shrub Althea or Rose of Sharon

med/lg shrub sm tree upright or patio tree
woody stems gray twig
flattened fluted terminal buds
alternate simple w/ lobes med/green holds late with some yellowing
flower: pink (variety of colors Jul/Sep double or single
fruit:brown through winter dehiscent capsule
Forsythia x intermedia
Border Forsythia

sm/med shrub upright arching spreading little suckery
4 sided twigs a lot of cluster buds
brown/purplish clusters
opposite simple green then purplish
flowers: yellow Feb/Mar bloom old wood
fruit: brown into winter capsule
Ligustrum x vicaryi
Golden Vicary Privet or Golden Privet

sm/med shrub vae shaped habit
slender glabrous green/brown twigs
small scaly not distinctive buds
opposite ovate thick broadleaf evergreen yellowish tinge (if in sun) late drop
flower: creamy white mid summer panicle terminal ends
fruit: black persists into winter drupe
Ligustrum vulgare
European Privet

lg shrub upright some spreading
smooth reddish/brown twigs
reddish/brown scaly pointed buds
opposite linear/lanceolate shiny green then purplish caste Nov/Dec
flower: white panicle Jun/Jul
fruit: green then purplish/black Aug/Sep into fall drupe
Syringa meyeri
Meyer Lilac

sm shrub dwarf dense rounded
brown twigs with lenticles
double terminal buds smaller darker scaly
opposite simple wavy margin small med/green to reddish/purple
flower: deeper purple then pinkish purple mid-May blooms down
Syringa x chinensis
Chinese Lilac

med shrub upright rounded
stouter twigs
loose scales twin terminal buds
opposite linear lanceolate - larger green then just drop
flower: purple May longer inflorescence & fragrant
fruit: brown persists capsule
Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac

lg shrub upright rounded leggy & suckers
stout twigs
largest buds twin terminal mixed buds
opposite simple heart-shaped med/green then yellow/green & drop
flower: lilac/purplish Apr/May denser inflorescence quite fragrant
fruit: green then brown persists into winter
Rhamnus cathartica
Common Buckthorn

med/lg fast grower low branching spreading habit multi stem
grayish twigs
sub-opposite terminal scaly buds apex spine
sub-opposite simple ovate green then yellow holds late
flower: yellowish/green n/a
fruit: black persists heavy fruit set fleshy drupe
drought tolerant, difficult sites, hedges, etc
Rhamnus frangula 'Columnaris'
Columnar Glossy Buckthorn

med shrub upright columnar
gray twigs whitish lenticles curl around each other
naked terminal buds
alternate simple glossy green then slight yellowish/reddish tinge evenly spaced prominent veins
flower: yellow/green not showy
fruit: red then black Aug/Sep drupe & self seeds
screen planting will become top heavy
Aronia melanocarpa
Black Chokeberry

sm shrub spreading habit suckers
new-reddish old-grayish
<5 scales pointed maroon (darker when colder)
alternate simple ovate glossy green then yellowish-orangish-reddish
flower: white (starts pink open white) May
fruit: green then black fall persists berry-like pome
naturalizing & moist areas
Chaenomeles speciosa
Common Flowering Quince

sm/med shrub dense upright erratic
gray glabrous with spines stipules at petiole base
buds for early-old wood scales turn pink in cold
alternate simple dark green w/ reddish tinge hold late
flower: pink/rose & variety Mar/Apr early
fruit: yellow-brownish large pome at base persists
early spring color
Cotoneaster acutifolius
Peking Cotoneaster

sm/med 6-8' shrub upright arching
young twig: tannish & pubescent
flattened tannish brown w/ pubescent buds
alternate simple shiny dark green evenly branching lateral vein pattern then reddish/orange fall - drop early
flower: pinkish fades white Apr/May
fruit: black persists heavy berry-like pome
all season shrub
Cotoneaster apiculatus
Cranberry Cotoneaster

sm shrub arching spreading ground cover
pubescent on new twig
flattened pubescent buds
alternate ovate small wavy margin green then reddish/purple holds later
flower: pink fade white small Apr/May
fruit: red persist fall/winter pome
foreground shrub boarder
a pick u latus
Cotoneaster divaricatus
Spreading Cotoneaster

sm/med spreading shrub
grayish pubescent twigs
small pubescent buds
alternate simple glossy dark green then maroon/orange
flower: pink then white May/June
fruit: maroon/purple pome
shrub boarder foundation planting
Crataegus crusgalli
Cockspur Hawthorn

lg shrub/sm tree dense habit
long smooth large thick thorns 2-3" old-gray exfoliating new-red
maroon/red buds
alternate spatulate w/ serrated margins green then yellowish
flower: white May/June not pleasant small
fruit: orange-yellow-maroon Feb/Mar persist
Crataegus mollis
Downy Hawthorn

lg shrubby multi-stem pruned single stem
short stout twigs 1" thorns/spines
small reddish buds
alternate serrated deep veins slight lobes pubescent new growth leaf's early green then yellow drop early
flower: white Apr/May before leaves
fruit: red Jul/Aug persist raisin-like in winter
Crataegus phaenopyrum
Washington Hawthorn

lg shrub/sm tree pyramidal if single stem
smooth shiny reddish twig long thin spine older bark exfoliates/shreds orangish under
buds: red scaly
alternate 3 lobed longer central deep sinus green then reddish orange - holds late
flower: white Jun hidden
fruit: green then reddish/orange mid/late summer into fall, very abundant berry like pome - may persist late
Fallugia paradoxa
Apache Plume

small rounded irregular
gray twig slight pubescence - looks bone white
alternate scale type of leaf green then little yellowing
flower: white Jun/Jul persists into fall
fruit: purplish tinge Jun/Jul fall & winter months TRUFFULA TREE TUFT
Physocarpus opulifolius
Common Ninebark

Shredding bark on lower bark, near base
lots of different colors as it peels
Leaves: alternate, simple, 1-3 inches long usually 5 lobed, glabrous or nearly so beneath.
Buds: imbricate, appressed, basically glabrous, usually 5-scaled brown
Fruit: 3-5 fallacies 1/4" long, glabrous and reddish in color, persisting
Flowers: White or pinkish borne in many flowered 1-2" diameter corymbs
Potentilla fruiticosa
Shrubby Cinquefoil

Leaves: alternate, compound, pinnate, 3 to 7 leaflets, usually 5, sessile, elliptic to linear-oblong, acute, 2/5 to 1 inch long, more or less silky
Flowers: bright yellow about one inch in diameter, July to frost in clusters or single
Growth Habit: small shrub with upright spreading, round growth habit
Fruit: Achene not very showy but persisting through the winter
Prunus cerasifera 'Newport'
Newport Plum

White inner bark
Leaves: Alternate, simple, tooth 11/2 to 21/2 inches, broadly wedge-shaped or rounded, reddish leaf color throughout the year
Flowers: White, in april before the leaves
Fruit: Reddish, drupe 1" across during July and August
Growth Habit: Small, shrubby tree, twiggy and rounded with ascending, spreading branches
Prunus x cistena
Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry

Pinkish inner bark
Leaves: alternate, simple 1 to 11/2, reddish color, and slightly pubescent along midrib beneath near the base of the leaf
Fruit: Blackish-purple in color, Sept to Oct and globular in shape
Growth Habit: Shrubby type of growth with younger stems more erect and older stems becoming more prostrate
Flowers: Single, pinkish, fragrant; borne after leaves have developed
Prunus tomentosa
Nanking Cherry or Manchu Cherry

Fuzzy stem
Leaves: alternate, simple, toothed margin, obovate to elliptic, wrinkled and somewhat hairy above with prominent veins and densely hairy below
Stem: covered with soft, slight hairs
Fruit: Scarlet, not grooved, June through July, globular in shape and on a short stalk
Growth Habit: dense, wide-spreading shrub often broader than tall
Flowers: pinkish in bud, changing to white, very fragrant
Prunus triloba
Flowering Plum or Flowering Almond

Double flowers and cluster buds down the stem
Leaves: alternate, simple, toothed or sometimes 3 lobed near apex, obovate to elliptic, hairless above and slightly hairy below, and 1 to 3 inches long
Flower: Pink, before the leaves appear, either single or in pairs with a very short stalk
Buds: in clusters of 3-5s
Growth Habit: tall shrub with open irregular growth habit
Rosa rugosa
Rugosa Rose

Lots of spines!!
Leaves: alternate, pinnately compound, 5 to 9 leaflets, elliptic-obovate, 1 to 2 inches long lustrous and dark green glabrous above, fuzzy beneath, with tomentose petioles
Fruit: red, long persisting, globular and smooth
Twigs: Stout, densely bristly and prickly
Growth habit: upright, dense, coarse shrub
Flowers:, rose, purple, white: 21/2 to 31/2 inches across, fragrant, solitary or in clusters
Sorbaria sorbifolia
Ural Falsespirea

Leaves: Alternate, pinnately compound, 13-23 leaflets, lanceolate to ovate, doubly serrate, usually glabrous or nearly so beneath
Twigs: stout glabrous usually green sometime with a tinge of pink
Flowers: White, june-july in panicles to 10" long that are erect and dense
Fruit: dehiscent follicles
Growth Habit: Upright Shrub, that spreads fairly rapidly by suckers
Spiraea x bumalda
Bumald Spirea

Dwarf, nine ranch canes
Leaves: alternate, simple, ovate lanceolate sharply and doubly serrate, glabrous and 1-3" long.
Twigs: Brown, glabrous and slightly angled in cross section
Flowers: white to deep pink, borne in flat-topped corymbs, on new growth
Fruit: dry brown follicle, no ornamental value
Spiraea x vanhouttei
Vanhoutte Spirea

Does not have exfoliating bark
Leaves: alternate, simple, toothed sometimes 3-lobed, rhombic ovate to rhombic obovate, dark green above, pale blueish green beneath
Twigs: glabrous, brown and almost hairless
Flowers: white, borne on 1-2" diameter umbels, very showy
Fruit: dry capsule
Hydrangea arborescens
Smooth Hydrangea or Hills of Snow

small mounded habit more vertical growth
Lite flaking smooth twigs, new-green, old-tannish
opposite simple med-green, Fall: some yellowing mostly n/a
flower: white Jul/Sep end of New Wood, persists as tan/brown
fruit: n/a
Hydrangea paniculata 'Grandiflora'
PeeGee Hydrangea

med/lg upright w/ some lateral branching (sm patio tree)
smooth twigs
opposite to whirled simple ovate dark-green, Fall: some yellowing mostly n/a
flower: pink tinge then white Aug/Oct goes brown & persists pinnacle
fruit: n/a
Philadelphus coronaries
Sweet Mockorange

med/lg upright arching
brown, new red/brown exfoliate in small rectangle (pealing paint)
buds small, not unique
opposite simple ovate green than tan (not showy)
flower: white May/Jun orange-like fragrance
fruit: brown persists star/crown shaped (4 wings)
Ribes alpinum
Alpine Currant

small compact (sheered hedge)
new- light tan & vigorous, splits on inner nodes of old growth
buds: whitish pointed slightly stalked new growth
alternate simple slightly lobed small green then yellowish
flower: yellow Apr/May - not showy
fruit: seldom seen
Ribes odoratum
Clove Currant

sm/med upright more open arching shears into hedge
new-slight fine hairs (no splitting)
buds: distinctive larger brown/tan
alternating lobed deeply set sinus's larger green then yellowish to purplish tinge with red fall color
flower: yellow Apr/Jun elongated with clove-like fragrance
fruit: black mid/late summer
Caryopteris incana
Blue Mist Spirea or Common Bluebeard

small upright flopping
pubescence on twigs, mint odor if crushed greenish/gray
opposite oblong/lanceolate pubescent grayish/green, fall: n/a
flower: blue-lavender Aug/Oct New Wood cyme - covers plant
fruit: whitish cast persists winter texture dry fruit follicle
Hedera helix
English Ivy

clinging aerial rootlets vigorous
alternate young = lobed, old = un-lobed green (evergreen)
flower: RARE white Sep/Oct
fruit: RARE black Apr/May poisonous (old growth only)
Campsis radicans
Common Trumpet Creeper or Trumpet Vine

twining stems & aerial rootlets vigorous with stout stems. Can Grow Around Itself
round sunken leaf scar encircles twig
opposite pinnately compound, 9-11 leaflets med/green then yellow
flower: yellow/orange to reddish (varies) Jul/Aug cyme trumpet shaped
fruit: elongate capsule (like catalpa) persists
Celastrus scandens
American Bittersweet

twining quite vigorous ground cover (will climb)
can develop large woody stem
small scaly buds
alternate simple ovate green then yellowish
flower: white May/Jun hidden panicle
fruit: green then red Sep/Dec persists single valve capsule - orange aral
Lonicera sempervirens
Trumpet Honeysuckle

twining stems vigorous ground cover needs structure to climb
lighter tan twig (straw colored)
opposite subsess (joined - no petiole) green persists into winter some yellowing
flower: orangish/red Jun/Jul into fall trumpet shaped
fruit: green then red Sep/Oct - Jan berry in clumps
Wisteria sinensis
Chinese Wisteria

twining vigorous ground cover, structure to climb (trellis)
stout stems Pairs of Spines at nodes by reddish/brown pointed scaly buds
alternate pinnately compound (9-13 leaflets) med/dark green
flower: white, violet or blue pendulous racemes very showy
fruit: green then brown interrupted pods persist
Polygonum aubertii
Silvervine Fleeceflower or Sliver Lace Vine

twining vigorous as tall as structure
tannish/red twigs spreads via rhizomes
alternate simple reddish tinge then green
flower: white Jul/Sep panicle fragrant
fruit: brown persists 3 angle achene
Clematis x jackmanii
Jackman (purple) Clematis

twining vigorous ground cover, structure to climb
6 sided twigs with small cessel buds
opposite pinnately compound (3+ leaflets) green, no fall color, can be rejuvenated
flower: purple (various colors) Jun/Aug on new growth showy large (4-5" diameter)
fruit: whitish/tannish achene w/ styles that persist
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Woodbine Virginia Creeper

long tendrils vigorous tall as structure
stout stem rounded sunken leaf scar
alternate palmately compound 5 leaflets green then reddish purple fall subject to mildew
flower: greenish/white mid/late summer hidden
fruit: bluish/purple Sep/Oct persists grape like
Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Boston Ivy or Japanese Creeper

short tendrils w/ discs (gecko feet) tall as structure
alternate simple 3 lobed occasionally palmate green then reddish fall color
flower: greenish/white mid-summer hidden
fruit: bluish/purple mid/late summer grape-like