12 terms


Autonomous Region
D: A region within a state that has more control over their local matters
Ex: Nunavut & Quebec in Canada
D:when a country tears apart to form multiple
countries (often violently b/c of ethnic differences)
Ex: Yugoslavia
D: real estate agents convince white homeowners to sell b/c of incoming black or other "less desirable" residents. The agents did this to make commission.
S: it contributed to "white flight"
Centrifugal Force
Definition: forces that lead a state to be unstable or to devolve. Can lead to balkanization.
• Examples: linguistic, religious and ethnic differences, political corruption, failing economy, natural disasters, wartime defeat
Centripetal force
Definition: forces that tends to unify people and
enhance support for a state.
• Examples: Nationalism, a common currency, leader, effective economy, social welfare programs, common religion/language
D: identity with a group who share the cultural
traditions of a particular homeland
Ex: Latinos share common traditions(e.g. Catholicism& Latin languages)
Multi-ethnic State
D: a state with multiple ethnicities but only one
nation (ethnicities do not wish for autonomy)
Ex: the US
Multinational State
Multiple cultures under a single government.
(Multi-ethnic states are similar though culture
groups lack political autonomy)
Ex: China and the UK
Multistate Nation
A single culture under multiple governments
Example: Hungarians (Hungary, Romania, Slovakia & Croatia)
A population with a single culture (synonym: culture group)
Example: Han, Tibetans, Uygurs
A single culture under a single
Examples: Japan, Portugal
Stateless Nation
A term used to imply that a group is a nation
and is entitled to its own state(but doesn't
have one)
Ex: Palestinians, Kurds, Basque & Hmong