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From class 7

Ban Xia

(Pinellia Tuber) warm; toxic
Transform Phlegm Cold
1. Dries dampness, transforms phlegm: chronic bronchitis
2. Descends rebellious Qi (LU, ST)
3. Dissipates nodules and reduces clumps: breast, plum pit Qi, goiter
*For substantial and insubstantial Ph in upper part of channel: dizziness, vertigo
**Toxicity can be reduced after prepared with Sheng Jiang

Jie Geng

(Platycodon Root) neutral
Transforms Phlegm Cold
1. Opens up and disseminates the LU Qi and expels phlegm
2. Opens up and raises the LU Qi while also directing the effect of the herbs to the upper regions of the body: (Guides to LU channel; neutral can treat PH and PC)

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