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Protists 2/7/13 Test - Friday, 2/8/13

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What type of protist is this?
What type of protist is this?
What type of protist is this?
What type of protist is this?
Euglena uses _______ to move around.
Amoeba uses _______ to move around.
Paramecium uses _______ to move around.
Volvox uses _______ to move around.
They are autotrophic and can make their own food.
How does Euglena get their food?
They are heterotrophic and have to find and consume food.
How does Paramecium get their food?
They are heterotrophic and have to find and consume food.
How does Amoeba get their food?
They are autotrophic and can make their own food.
How does Volvox get their food?
Anal Pore
In a paramecium, what decretes waste?
Food Vacuole
When an amoeba eats, it creates a __________ .
temporary bulges called pseudopods
Amoeba move and eat/feed by forming....
Moist/Wet environments
What kind of habitat does a protist need to live in?
live in colonies
Volvox and other protists.......
Amoeba, Euglena, Paramecium, and Volvox
What are the names of the four protists?
consuming food - Heterotrophic
Animal-like protists get their food by......
Euglena has - flagella, stigma/eyespot, and chloroplasts

Paramecium has - cilia, is more complex, has a oral groove, anal pore, and macronucleus and micronucleus

Amoeba has -pseudopodia, cell membrane, and endoplasm

Volvox has -flagella, cytoplasm, chloroplasts, and live in colonies
What is the difference between Euglena, amoeba, volvox, and Paramecium?
How many nuclei does a Paramecium have?
everyday life functions
What is the function/job of the macronucleus in a paramecium?
What is the function/job of the micronucleus in a paramecium?
What structure contains the amoeba's DNA?
food vacuole
When an amoeba engulfs a particle of food, a ______ is formed.
Binary fission
How does an amoeba reproduce?
During unfavorable conditions, an amoeba forms a ______.
Fingerlike extensions of the ameba's cytoplasm are called ______.
on their movement and way of life
How are protozoans classified?
The process of engulfing food particles is called
Is an amoeba considered a plant-like protist or an animal-like protist?
Are euglena unicellular or multicellular?
What organelle carries out photosynthesis?
can make its own food
Define autotrophic
must consume food
Define heterotrophic
By absorbing nutrients across their cell membrane when light and photosynthesis is unavailable.
When a euglena becomes heterotrophic, how does it obtain nutrients?
What helps the euglena keep its shape?
to detect light and helps the euglena find bright areas to photosynthesize
What is the eyespot used for?
To control the cell's activities and contain DNA
What is the function of the nucleus?
sexual reproduction
What is the function of the nucleolus?
It helps the cell to remove excess water so the cell will not explode.
What is the function of the contractile vacuole?
The cell would take in too much water and explode
What would happen if the cell did not have a contractile vacuole?
They are the centers for the productions of starch
What do the pyrenoids do?
in almost every ditch with reasonably clear water
Where might you find spirogyra?
Is spirogyra unicellular or multicellular?
is the paramecium a unicellular or multicellular organism?
they feed on algal scum and other microorganisms
What do paramecium eat?
by tiny hair-like projections called cilia
How do all members of the Phylum Ciliophora move?
It has a thick outer membrane called the PELLICLE.
Why can't the paramecium change shape like the amoeba?
Two paramecium lay side by side and join together at the mouth pore. This allows the exchanging of DNA to take place in the micronucleus. This is a method of sexual reproduction in other microorganisms
Define conjugation
Where the cilia sweeps food into. It is the part of a Paramecium that looks pinched in.
What is the oral groove?
anal pore
Waste exits the paramecium through what?
they are used as a defense mechanism, whether to be shot at a predator to get them entangled, or to make the paramecium larger.
What is the function of the trichocysts?
This is the more dense cytoplasm that is not found around the edges.
What is endoplasm?
This is the cytoplasm found around the edge and is clear
What is ectoplasm?
This is where the paramecium will move away from a negative or unpleasant stimulus.
What is avoidance behavior?
in quiet or stagnant ponds
Where do paramecium live?
all protists are what types of cells?
their movement and way of life
Protists are classified by...
Nucleus, cytoplasm, food vacuole, and contractile vacuole
What organelles are in common?
Food being broken down or digested to provide the cell with energy
What is a food vacuole?
organisms with a membrane-enclosed nucleus and who don't fit in any other kingdoms.
In general, the Kingdom Protista contains:
cilia, flagella, and pseudopods
Most protists move with the help of:
false foot
What does pseudopods mean?
moving and trapping food
WHat are pseudopods used for?
hair-like projections
What are cilia?
whip-like structures that spin quickly
What are flagella?
Asexual (Binary Fission) - mitosis
How do euglena reproduce?
Asexual (Binary Fission)
How do Amoeba reproduce?
Sexual and [Asexual] (Binary Fission)
How do Paramecium reproduce?
Asexual and Sexual, form daughter colonies.
How do volvox reproduce?
volvox -from 100 to 50000 cells
Which of the four protists live in a colony?

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