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A thick scar resulting from excessive growth of fibrous tissue is known as a:

bascal cell carninoma

The most common type of skin cancer caused by overexposture to the sun is:


A dry, scaly skin condition due to a definciency or absence of sebum caused by old age and exposure to cold is:


A skin disoder characterized by chronic inflammation of the sebaceaous glands caused from retained secretions is:

extraction procedures

Comedones should be removed under asepic conditions using proper:

full or broad spectrum

To be effective, sunscreen used as protective to filter out UVA and UVB rays should be rated as:


Lesions of the skin are classified as primary, secondary, and:


A generic medical term used to describe an abnormal inflammatory condition of the skin is:


An absormal cell mass resulting from excessive multipocation of cells that varies in size, color, and shape is a:


Chemicals released by the immune system that flood tissues to diute a skin irritant are:

acne vulgaris

Acne, or common pimples, is also known as:

UVA and UVB rays

The UV rays of the sun reach the skin in two different forms, which are:


Distended capillaries caused by onstant overdilation and weakening of the capillary walls are known as:

UVB rays

The rays of the sun that cause sunburns and tanning and are also known as burning rays:

malignant melanoma

Dark, brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged, or raised may be a warning sign of:


Cracks in the skin that penetrate the dermis layer, such as chapped hands or lips, are:


Sebaceaous systs or fatty tumors filled with sebum that range in size from a pea to an orange are:


A large primary lesion containing a watery fluid is a:


The pigment is the skin that s designed to help protect the skin from the sun's UV rays is:


Benign, keratin-filled cysts found under the epidermis that resemble small sesame seeds are:


A spot of discoloration of the skin, neither raised nor sunken is a:


A hair follicle filled with exessive keratin and sebum forms a:


The american Canver Society recommends using a checklist to recognize potential skin cancer or changes in moles, using the better B to check mole:


An excessive thin plate of epidermal flakes, dry or oily, is known as a:


The absence of melanin pignentation of the body is known as:

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