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Do u know what mad gab is?

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Easel Aid Ease Man
He's a lady's man
Know Sayer
Nose Hair
Ease Ace Life Ox
He's a sly fox
Eye Pillow Fizz Sigh
Apple of his eye
Eight Wean Gull Any Size
A twinkle in his eye
Of Lions Quarrel
A flying squirrel
Abe Who Beat Wrap
A booby trap
Dawned Rink Hand Arrive
Don't drink and drive
You Shore New Dull
Use your noodle
Why Tail Huff Hunt
White elephant
Dew Wino Hue
Do i know you?
Sea Can't Higher Dove Fit
Sick and tired of it
Ape Hand Hub Hair
A panda bear
Pretty Shack Scent
British accent
Hiney Duck Hiss
I need a kiss
Bail Heed Ant Sir
Belly dancer
Dawned Pea Hugger Limb Ann
Don't be a girly man
Mike Ranch Healed Wren
My grandchildren
Dwell Fro Sis
Twelve roses
Up Arrow Tin Issues
A pair of tennis shoes
Ail Huck Each Arm
A lucky charm
Weedy Man Done Ant Sir
We demand an answer
Owe Forth Account Herd Rug
Over-the-counter drug
House Wheat This Hound
How sweet the sound
Fin Skate
Fence gate
Assess Seam Ease Heed
A sesame seed
House The Why Funk Heads
How's the wife and kids?
Us Punk Kick Hid
A spunky kid
Ache Inks High Sped
A king size bed