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Cisco - LAN Switching and Wireless - Final Exam Study

Which security protocol or measure would provide the greatest protection for a wireless LAN?
MAC address filtering
Which value determines if a switch becomes the central point of reference in the spanning tree topology?
lowest bridge ID
What is the purpose of the Spanning Tree algorithm?
It prevents loops in a switched network with redundant paths.
What are two benefits of the IEEE 802.11n standard over the IEEE 802.11G? (Choose two.)
provides improved range
permits increased data rates
Which configuration changes will increment the configuration revision number on the VTP server?
configuring or deleting a VLAN or creating a VLAN name.
What is a possible impact of setting too short an aging time in the MAC address table of a switch?
unnecessary flooding of packets.
What VLANs are allowed across a trunk when the range of allowed VLANs is set to the default value?
all VLANs
Using the command copy tftp:backup.cfg startup-config, an administrator downloaded a saved configuration from a TFTP server to a switch. Why does the administrator not detect any changes in the switch configuration after the download completes?
Downloading to the startup-config requires the switch to be reloaded in order for the configuration to take effect.
What two methods can be used to remove MAC address table entries from a switch? (Choose two.)
Power cycle the switch to clear all dynamically learned addresses.
The erase flash command will clear all statically configured table entries.
Which type of traffic can still be received on a switch interface that is in STP blocking mode?
BPDU frames
Which method establishes an administrative connection for configuring the Linksys WRT300N wireless access point?
From a computer in the same IP subnet as the access point, enter the default IP address of the access point in a web browser.
The network administrator wants to configure a switch to pass VLAN update information to other switches in the domain but not update its own local VLAN database. Which two steps should the administrator perform to achieve this? (Choose two.)
Configure the VTP mode of the switch to transparent.
Configure the switch with the same VTP domain name as other switches in the network.
Why is it advisable that a network administrator use SSH instead of Telnet when managing switches?
SSH encrypts all remote management communications whereas Telnet does not.
A network administrator configures a switch port with the command switchport mode dynamic auto. What is the resulting behavior of the switch port?
The switch port is able to trunk if the remote switch port is set to desirable.
Which STP port type can only appear once on a segment, and must be present in order for traffic to flow on that segment?
designated port
In a three-layer hierarchical network design, which distribution layer function delineates broadcast domains?
routing between VLANs
Which parameter is used to uniquely identify one wireless network from another?
Which three statements are correct concerning the default configuration of a new switch? (Choose three.)
It is configured in VTP server mode.
STP is automatically enabled.
All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1.
While configuring a new switch, a network administrator configures the switch as an HTTP server. What benefits does this configuration provide?
This allows web-based configuration tools to be used with the switch.
Which statement describes the use of voice VLANs in Cisco IP telephony?
The voice VLAN must be configured on the switch port to which the IP phone attaches
An administrator is troubleshooting a PC on the network which is suffering from slow and intermittent connectivity. The PC has a ping success rate to the default gateway of less than half the ping attempts. Other PCs on the switch can consistently ping the default gateway. The switch port is configured for auto duplex and the PC is configured for full duplex. What will commonly cause this problem?
The PC is set to full duplex. The switch port fails to autonegotiate the duplex setting and defaults to half duplex, which causes a duplex mismatch.
What impact does the use of the mdix auto configuration command have on an Ethernet interface on a switch?
automatically detects copper cable type
Which CLI mode allows users to access all device commands, such as those used for configuration, management, and troubleshooting?
privileged EXEC mode
What will be the effect of the command S1# copy system:running-config tftp://
The running configuration file on S1 will be saved via TFTP to a file named tokyo-config.
A network administrator is implementing VTP in a large campus LAN that contains one hundred switches. What are valid considerations for reliability and administration?
Configuring several switches in server mode will allow all VLANs to be entered from a single switch and preserve VLAN data if any of the switches or connections are lost.
What is the purpose of issuing the command switchport mode access on a switch interface?
force the port to be a part of a single vlan
Why is it important that the network administrator consider the spanning-tree network diameter when choosing the root bridge?
BPDUs may be discarded because of expiring timers
A wireless client is attempting to establish a connection with a wireless access point. What process does the client use to discover the access points which are available to it?
What is a function or characteristic of the native VLAN?
It is the VLAN that supports untagged traffic on an 802.1Q trunk.
A network administrator must purchase new access layer switches to deploy across an existing hierarchical network that supports voice and data traffic. At a minimum, which two features should the new access layer switches support? (Choose two.)
Which combination is required to establish a connection to initially configure the Linksys WRT300N wireless access device?
a computer configured in the same IP subnet as the WRT300N and a direct cable connection to it
Which switching method provides error-free data transmission?
Which wireless topology supports roaming from one access point to another?
A wireless access point is configured for WPA2. Which encryption algorithm will all devices that connect to the access point be required to use?
Where is the information of newly created VLANs stored on a switch?
Why is MAC address filtering considered a poor choice in securing a WLAN?
MAC addresses are easily spoofed.
What are two benefits of a hierarchical network model over a flat network design? (Choose two.)
increased network availability
simplification of management and troubleshooting
What is the purpose of VLAN trunking?
It carries the traffic of multiple VLANs through a single link.
What is one disadvantage that 802.11a wireless has compared to 802.11g?
The use of higher frequencies means that signals are more likely to be obstructed.
Which two statements describe the operation of an access layer Ethernet switch? (Choose two.)
The source MAC address within a frame is used by the switch to associate a port with that MAC address.
Frames are directed by the switch from one port to another based on the destination MAC address within the frame.
.What is the purpose of the switch command switchport access vlan 99?
to assign the port to a particular VLAN
A network administrator issued the erase nvram: command on a switch. What will be the outcome of the command?
It will clear the contents of the startup configuration file.
When port security is used on a switch, which violation mode will cause an SNMP trap to be sent and traffic to be dropped when the number of secure MAC addresses for a port is reached?
Which configuration changes will increment the configuration revision number on the VTP server?
configuring or deleting a VLAN or creating a VLAN name
Which type of VLAN would accommodate untagged traffic on a 802.1q trunk port?
native VLAN
Which two types of traffic are always transmitted as untagged frames? (Choose two.)
traffic that is assigned to the native VLAN

traffic that is leaving an access mode port that is connected to another switch
Which statement correctly describes a function of a Layer 2 switch?
It uses the destination MAC address to selectively forward a frame.
What is a function or characteristic of the native VLAN?
It is the VLAN that supports untagged traffic on an 802.1Q trunk
What is the benefit of the auto-MDIX feature on a Cisco Catalyst switch?
allows the use of straight-through patch cables regardless of connected device types
What can an administrator do to ensure that a specific switch will win a root election if all switches are set to their default configurations?
Set the bridge priority to 16384.