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An ____________ is a plant hormone that causes plant stems and leaves to grow or bend toward light.


__________________ is a method of improving crops by moving DNA directly from one organism to another.

day-neutral plant

A _______________ _____________ is a plant that isn't very sensitive to the number of hours of darkness and thus can flower over a wide range of night lengths.

long-day plant

A ____________ _______________ is a plant that requires short nights to flower.


________________________ is the flowering response of a plant to changes in the length of day and night.


___________________ is the chemical reaction used by producers, such as green plants, to produce food.


_____________ is the process by which organisms break down food to release energy.

short-day plant

A ____________ ________________is a plant that requires long nights to flower.

transgenic crop

A ____________________ _________ is a crop of plants that has new DNA inserted into it to improve yield, disease resistance, and so on.


___________________ is the loss of water vapor through th estomata of a leaf.


_______________ is the response of a plant to a stimulus.

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