English Unit 3

it is a combination of your own work intertwined with facts, examples, anecdotes, details, opinions, statistics, reasons, and/or explanations
a research paper has a specific format. what is this format?
The author's last name and the page number in parentheses at the end of the piece of information or quote
when you use information that is not your original ideas or words, you incorporate a parenthetical citation. what information is necessary for a proper citation?
after selecting a subject, you should focus on one piece of information to avoid having an information overload.
all printed material is considered to be reliable
an article written in 1979 about teaching in public schools is valid because not much has changed in education
Wikipedia is a reliable source
when writing a research paper, you should express different views of the topic
a documentary on the medical profession is a reliable source
if the url address ends with .com, the website is automatically considered to be reliable
a good indicator that the website is reliable is that it presents facts from only one side of an issue
it is acceptable to only use sources found on the internet for your research
it is always best to find sources that provide the author's name and credentials
to explore multiple careers to discover your interests and future goals
what is the most logical reason to shadow a career?
rules regarding what employees can and cannot wear in the working environment
before job shadowing, it is best to ask the professional if there is a dress code in his/her work environment. what is a dress code?
after you have completed your job shadow, you should write down your impressions as soon as possible
"We don't know why the screen door was left open."
rewrite the following sentence to be more concise: "At this point in time we can't ascertain the reason as to why the screen door was left open."
She received her allowance from her father after she completed her chores: mowing the grass, watering the flowers, and feeding the puppy.
correct the four mistakes in the following sentence. bold all your corrections: she reseeved her allowance from her father after she completed her chores: mowing the grass, watering the flours, and feeding the puppy.
since this is a report of a job shadow, you should avoid using descriptive language, as you should focus on providing only the facts
a summary
the following is an example of- in william shakespeare's sonnet "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day," the speaker speculates if he should compare his adored to a summer day. many people wonder if the poem is truly about a woman or about something inanimate, like youth
bring together all of the information from the multiple sources that you have consulted
when you synthesize information, you do what?
the thesis statement is one all-encompassing sentence that states the purpose of the essay and gives three main ideas to guide your paper
logical order
which type of order groups related ideas together?
an outline helps you to figure out where your paper is headed and how you will get there, the way a map helps you figure out where you are headed and how to get there
your textbook states that an outline is like a map. why do you think your textbook would use this simile?
the three ways that your textbook suggests to order and organize your ideas include chronological order, logical order, and cause and effect
material that should be credited
there is enough concrete in Hoover Dam to pave a standard highway, sixteen feet wide, from san francisco to new york city
material that should be credited
the airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour
the works within your works cited page should be in the order that you utilized them within your paper
to avoid having most of the content of your paper be the information from your research, there should be a minimum of _ body paragraphs
new information
key elements of a conclusion include to following except-
the thesis statement can be any sentence in the introduction paragraph
"Bucs Back to .500 on McCutchen Walk-Off." Beaver County Times. 8 June 2011: B2.
format the following source according to Guidelines for Recording Source Information-
Kist, William. /The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media Age./ Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin, 2010: Print.
format the following source according to Guidelines for Recording Source Information-
by combining sentences into complex sentences, you can make your ideas flow smoothly and increase sentence variety
grouping that begins with the most important detail and moves to the least important detail (or reverse)
order of importance can be defined as-
"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed" (King, "I Have a Dream").
which of the following is an example of a parenthetical citation?
all of the above: to summarize the main point, restate your thesis, and leave readers with an insight related to your topic
what is the purpose of the concluding paragraph?
when researching the career field of a lawyer, the novel The Firm is a good source
common knowledge
george washington was the first president of the united states
search the internet for pages or sites containing key words related to your subject
which of the following is a suggestion for narrowing a broad subject to a more specific subject?
first-person point of view will not be used
the writing style of a research paper is formal; this means
Lamton, Tony. Telephone interview. 23 May 2005.
format the following source according to Guidelines for Recording Source Information-
to make sure that your paper shows your best efforts, the textbook suggests that you should read your paper at least how many times?
read your report and ask yourself, does this meet the criteria of the assignment?
the first step of submitting your job shadow report is to revise. how does the lesson define "revising"?
to look over the material quickly to figure out the general idea and context of a source
using this information, what do you think it means to skim a source?
a direct quotation
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts" (Shakespeare).
source number, heading, text of note (paraphrase), and page number
a notecard, which is used to collect evidence, contains four parts. what four parts are included in a notecard?
first or last
for this course, the thesis statement should be either the _ or _ sentence of the introduction paragraph
how did historians arrive at the estimate that there might be over $1 billion of accumulated treasure on Cocos Island?
what focused research question could you form from the information in the third paragraph that starts, "Yet it is for..."?
the meanest clothing is the-
chronological order
words in a story such as first, next, and finally can help explain its-
given an opportunity
when someone is afforded an opportunity, that person is-
to rest himself and his horse
why does Tomotada stop at the cottage among the willows?
with respect
how does the old couple treat Tomotada?
monitoring your reading
while reading a story, asking yourself if an event makes sense is an example of-
a primary source written by Caesar
which would be the best source to research in order to learn what Rome was like when Caesar became dictator?
they are dressed like foreigners and the men have beards
the most unusual thing about the travelers is that-
it is not supper time yet, and they do not eat between meals
what excuse does Major Doyle give for refusing to feed his guests?
she is kindly and helps them
how does Mrs. Doyle interact with the travelers?
it doesn't matter if there are grammatical mistakes on the website. the internet is an informal atmosphere
it is good to have your sentences the same length
when revising a rough draft, it is only necessary to review the draft once
the internet is not a good place to find sources
according to your textbook, you should not consider the needs and interests of your potential audience, as it is your paper and your general interest
the most logical way to present your synthesis of information for your job shadow report is to present the material chronologically
the thesis statement is one all-encompassing sentence that states the purpose of the essay and gives three main ideas to guide your paper
when taking notes on a notecard, a piece of paper, a post-it note, etc, you should always try to use the author's words over your own. this shows that you have clearly researched your topic thoroughly
use visuals, such as charts, maps, and graphs in your paper to present information that is technical or complicated
a formal outline is divided into main points and subpoints. it can be either balanced or unbalanced, depending on the goals of the essay
you do not need to give credit for specific dates, as they can be considered common knowledge
the introductory paragraph must contain background information to provide the reader with relevant information before he/she begins reading