Literature Chart- The Serial Garden

If u guys r not in per. 7 mccormack u might have put different answers for some of these
Joan Aiken
Who is the author?
What is the genre?
Mark Armitage, princess, Mr. Johansen (Rudi)
Who are the protagonists?
mom, Gertrud
Who are the antagonists?
ability to remember tune
What is the internal conflict?
Miss pride ran out of Breakkfast Brikks, BB factory burned down, mom burned garden, dad locked in the larder, Mr. Johansen fed dogs and walked slowly, and figuring out who Rudi is
What are the external conflicts?
Be careful who you trust, and true love waits forever
What are the themes?
garden= love, happiness, eternal youth, and magic/song=obstacles that come between love
What are the symbols?