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Health Review

Review for Health
What is the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being?
Health is dynamic, it is subject to change.
Health Continuum
What shows that your health can be measured on a sliding scale, with many degrees of health and wellness?
What is an overall state of well being or total health?
Health literacy
What is the capacity to learn about health and use this knowledge to promote health?
Lifestyle factors
What are habits that affect health, happiness, and longevity?
Healthy People 2010
What is a nationwide plan designed to promote health and to prevent disease, it is planned every 10 years?
Healthy People 2020
What will the next plan be called?
Students require health education
Healthy People 2010
What focuses on 28 areas, including nutrition, oral health, tobacco use, cancer and chronic back conditions?
Increase quality and years of healthy life and remove health disparity due to factors like race
What are the two main goals for the future that Healthy People 2010 has?
The population
Research shows that as people become more educated, the general health of the what as a whole improves?
global health
As more individuals take responsibility for their own wellness, what will improve?
What group must take an active role in their own health, learn to set goals to maintain a healthy body, learn to access health information and promote the health of others?
What group should shape the attitudes and beliefs that lead to healthful behavior, Parents teach their children the values and skills needed to maintain good health?
What group must provide health services and education classes to change unhealthy behavior, they can ensure a safe environment?
Leading health indicator
What will be used to measure the health of the nation over the next ten years, they reflect the major health concerns of the U.S. at the beginning of the 21st century, and were selected on the basis of their ability to motivate action, the availability of data to measure progress, and the importance of public health issues?
Lifestyle factors
Knowing what that affect your health allow you to improve it, and you can act upon it, live longer, and be happier?
What are all the traits that were biologically passed on to your from your parents, an influence on your health?
Knowing if your family has a history disease is important because it can affect your what and lifestyle?
What is the sum of your surroundings, all the places that you go to in a day, and the conditions in which you live?
Knowledge of community health initiatives affect your health because they can help you make better health decisions and changes.
What are people of the same age who share similar interests?
What are the collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group?
Language, food, religion, customs, tradition, role models, and sports are parts of what?
How you view a situation affects the choices you make, which is what?
Which of these factors can we control, heredity, environment, or behavior?
What are the various methods of communicating information, examples are TV, radio, Internet, Print, and Billboards?
Smart Phones, the Internet, medicinal cures, and fuel efficient cars are examples of what that have affected global health positively?
Military Weapons
Name an example of advances in technology that have affected global health negatively.
Alcohol plays a factor in 33 percent of which of the following events?
Smarts goals
They must be specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
What is choosing to avoid risky behavior?
Religion like Jews with pork, catholics with food at lent and communion, muslims wtih beef and alcohol, choices like drinking and doing drugs, medical like diabetes, allergies, addiction, and post operation advice are examples of what?
Youth Risk Behavior Survey
What does YRBS stand for?
What is a way of life that involves little activity?
What is a serious disorder that prevents the body from converting food into energy?
What is decreased bone density, porous, and fragile bones?
3000 and 2200
Boys aged 15 to 18 should eat how many calories and also girls of the same age
You store them for later as fat.
What happens to calories that don't get burned through physical activity?
Basal Metabolic Rate
What is BMR, the number of calories that you need to survive?, if you stayed in bed all day and did nothing, this is the amount of calories that you would burn?
metabolic rate
Our what is affected by our genes, our age, and our fat to muscle ratio?
Taking what will increase our metabolic rate, and burn food faster?
Eating breakfast, and eating how will elevate metabolic rate over the morning and start burning extra calories?
Eating a balanced, nutritious what keeps our metabolic rate high?
fat burning supplements
We should avoid what, because they are not scientific or regulated, involving our metabolic rate?
What burns calories quicker than fat?
What is the ability to move a body part through a full range of motion?
BMI or Body Mass Index
What is a measure of someone's weight, in relation to height?
muscular strength
What is the amount of force a msucle can exert?
cardiorespiratory endurance
What is the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to utilize and send fuel and oxygen to the body's tissues during long periods of moderate-to-vigorous activity?
Body composition
What is the ratio of body fat to lean body tissue, including muscle, bone, water, and connective tissue such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons?
muscular endurance
What is the ability of the muscles to perform physical tasks over a long period of time, without becoming fatigued?
Put your two fingers, not the thumb, on your wrist, or neck, and count the number of beats in a minute. 60 to 80 beats is normal, but the lower, the more fit you are.
How do you measure your resting heart rate, and what is usually normal?
weight and height
What two factors deal with the BMI equation?
cardiorespiratory endurance
What factor of fitness does the step up test examine?
Take your resting heart rate, counting the number of beats per minute. Then use a chair, and fully extend each leg, as you step up with your right foot and then with your left. Step down with your right foot first. Do this for three minutes. Take your pulse immediately after the test, a minute later, three minutes later, and five minutes later. To improve Cardiorespiratory endurance, do aerobic exercises like jogging and cycling.
How do you test for Cardiorespiratory endurance? Describe how this works and explain what you can do to improve it?
muscular strength and endurance
What factors of fitness does the crunch test examine?
upper body strength and endurance
What factor of fitness does the arm hang test for?
What factor of fitness does the sit and reach test for?
aerobic exercise
What is moving large, muscle groups for long periods of time, often rhythmic in nature, they are associated with losing weight, and examples are swimming, cycling, and jogging for long periods?
anaerobic exercise
What is an intense short burst of activity, the muscles produce energy, without using oxygen, not in the presence of air, short and explosive, examples are sprinting, weight training, and wide receiver sprinting in football?
anaerobic exercise
What types of exercises improve muscular strength and endurance?
United States Department of Agriculture
What does USDA stand for?
Food and Drug Administration
What does FDA stand for?
60 min
How much physical activity does the USDA recommend that teenagers should get each day?
Certain factors may affect your physical activities in your fitness program, this factor is the fact that some cost more than others, with fees, equipment, and travel?
where you live
This factor influences what kind of sports and activities you do, you can't ski in flat places, you can't do water sports if you don't live by the coast, and an affluent or poor area also affects this?
level of health
This factor makes you choose activities that are appropriate for you, and the right impact level for how fit you are, keep mind of asthma and weak hearts?
time and place
This factor makes you choose activities that you are available for, without other commitments when you're free?
personal safety
This factor makes sure that your sport or activity is safe, with well lit running trails, good organizations, and all safe equipment?
comprehensive planning
This factor makes sure your workout program targets all factors of fitness (flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle strength)?
overload, progression, and specificity
What three principles should each fitness program follow?
What is a good thing, working the body harder than it normally works, and it builds strength and endurance?
What is a gradual increase in overload, to achieve higher levels of fitness?
What are particular exercises improve particular areas of fitness?
muscular strength and endurance
What does resistance training build?
cardiorespiratory endurance
What does aerobic training build?
warm up
What is to prepare the muscles for exercise?
slowly gets heart rate up
How does warming up benefit your heart?
heart pumps faster to give muscles more oxygen, body temperature increases
How does warming up benefit your muscles and body temperature?
What is the part of an exercise program when the activity is performed at its highest peak?
What formula must the workout follow?
Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type
What does the F.I.T.T. formula stand for?
3-4 times a week for 6 months
What is the frequency that you should workout at?
don't work out too hard too soon, work towards a target heart rate
What is the intensity you should work out at?
You should have a period of rest in between workouts.
20-30 minutes
Once you hit your target heart rate, work for how many minutes at the target for full benefit, this is the time?
75 to 80 percent Aerobic, and 20 to 25 percent anaerobic
What types of workout should you have?
cool down
What is returning the body to its resting state, prevents aching the following day, and lactic acid stays there with none of this?
The lower it is, the fitter you are because your muscles don't crave oxygen, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard.
How is your resting heart rate an indication of your fitness level?
8 x 8 oz. a day
How much water should you drink per day?
What are units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and energy that food supplies to the body?
What are substances in food that the body needs to grow, repair, and supply with energy?
What is food that is necessary to stay alive and satisfy hunger?
What is a physical drive that protects us from starvation, it is innate, unlearned, and inborn?
What is a desire rather than a need to eat?
What is a factor that affects your food choice because if you are stressed out you may eat more, if you are in a bad mood you may turn to sweets, and if you're nervous you may not eat, but you may celebrate with food?
comfort food
What is a food that you turn to when you are influenced by your emotions?
family, friends, and peers
What is a factor that affects your food choices because these people influence you, and recommend certain foods, you may eat for social purposes?
Cultural and Ethnic Background
What is a factor that affects your food choices because certain customs and traditions are in them that may influence it good and bad, it could enrich food choices, or make it worse?
convenience and cost
A factor that affects your food choices because if you're running late, where you tend to just throw something in the oven to eat quick, or get fast food, or if someone gets sick, or if you have to look at the expense of food?
What is a factor that affects your food choices involving swaying commercials like by cereal and McDonald's?
Getting into good health habits now, can make you have good habits as you grow older, and good health habits help you live longer, with strong bones, and good repair of muscles.
Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, vitamins minerals, and water
What are the six groups of nutrients found in food?
What are the starches and sugars found in food, your body's preferred source of energy?
55 to 60 percent
What percentage of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates?
simple carbohydrates
Sugars such as fructose and lactose, and also sucrose are examples of what type of carbohydrates?
manufactured food
Simple carbohydrates are often added to what type of food?
Complex Carbohydrates
These type of carbohydrates are starches, and the body has to break them down into simple carbohydrates before using them?
Whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, which are dried peas and black beans, and tubers, which is a vegetable that grows in the ground are examples of what types of carbohydrates?
The body converts them into glucose, which is the preferred source of energy.
What do carbohydrates do?
Excess glucose is stored as what?
Excess glycogen is stored as what?
What is a complex carbohydrate that cannot be digested, found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, it promotes bowel movements, and can prevent heart disease, 20-35 grams are recommended per day?
What are nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissues, they are made from essential amino acids, we need these to live but can only get 9/20 from our diet?
Complete Proteins
What type of proteins have all of the amino acids?
Complete Proteins
Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt are examples of what type of proteins?
Incomplete Proteins
What type of proteins lack at least one amino acid so are best eaten in combination?
Rice and beans, and Peanut Butter and Bread together are incomplete proteins, but together they have complete amino acids.
steak and spinach pie
What is a good meal that is a good source of iron?
What nutrient builds new cells and tissues, makes enzymes, helps with chemical reactions, makes hormones and antibodies, and provides energy?
What is a fatty substance that does not dissolve in water?
What nutrient group provides energy, allows for vitamin absorption, protects internal organs, and aids our immune system, they add flavor to food and satisfy hunger?
20 to 30 percent
What percent of your calorie intake should fats be?
vitamin c and zinc
Taking what combination of vitamins will boost your immune system?
saturated fat
What type of fat is from animals and tropical oils, usually solid at room temperature, beef, pork, dairy, and egg yolks are the main culprits?
Obesity and Heart Disease
What two things are saturated fat linked to?
Unsaturated Fat
What fat is mostly from vegetable sources, liquid at room temperature, olive, canola, soybean, corn oil, omega 3's, and it is linked to reduced heart disease?
What are compounds that help regulate many vital body processes, including digestion, absorption, and metabolism of other nutrients?
Water soluble vitamins
What type of vitamins dissolve in water and pass into the blood, body can't store them, must be replenished regularly?
Vitamins B1, B12, C, and Folic Acid
What are four examples of water soluble vitamins?
Fat soluble vitamins
What type of vitamins are absorbed, stored, and transported in fat, body stores them in the fatty tissue, liver, and kidneys, excess build up can be toxic?
What are the examples of fat soluble vitamins?
What are substances that the body cannot manufacture but that are needed for forming healthy bones, teeth, and regulating vital body processes?
A lack of the mineral of iron can lead to what?
muscle cramps
A lack of the mineral of sodium can lead to what?
What nutrient is vital to every body function, it transports nutrients and waste, aids swallowing and digestion, and maintains body temperature?
Water is also found in milk, juice, and food.
a size of a baseball
What is the size of one serving of a vegetable?
Taking in more calories than you burn off can be linked to what?
What is the process by which our body takes in food and uses it?
What saying is used by the USDA Food Pyramid, make half of your what whole?
Examples of what are cereals, bread, rice, pasta, crackers, and popcorn?
Spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers, cucumbers, and black beans are examples of what food group?
Get your what-rich foods?
Cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese are examples of what food group?
meat and beans
Stay away from saturated fats of this food group, examples are tofu, chicken, ham, eggs, shrimp, peanuts, grilling them is better?
Go what with protein?
oils and discretionary calories
What food group should be limited, cook with healthy oils, they are wants not needs?
Making smart food choices
Getting all of your nutrients, having a varied diet, and choosing non fat options are examples of what USDA dietary guideline?
Balancing food and Physical Activity
Calories in equaling calories out, and being active to need more calories are examples of what USDA dietary guideline?
Getting the Most form Nutrient Choices
Eating nutrient dense foods, enriched with fruits and vegetables is an example of what USDA dietary guideline?
Handle Food Safely
Clean hands and surfaces, Separate raw and cooked foods, cook to safe temperatures, chill perishable foods, and thaw food in the fridge are examples of what USDA dietary guideline?
What are dried peas and beans, black beans?
What is a vegetable that grows in the ground, root vegetable?
What are edible seeds of pod bearing plants, like beans?