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74 delegates were chosen to attend the Constitutional Convention. Of these, 55 attended. 11/12 of the states' delegates attended, none of which were Rhode Island.
All delegates were wealthy, white, high-educated men. Over half were lawyers. Many served in the Continental Army and/or in other Constitutional Conventions. All of them had been members of Congress previously. Most of the men were merchants and plantation owners, and 31/55 attended a University. [There were 34 lawyers, 10 judges, 7 state governors, 39 members of Congress, 21 solders who had fought in the Revolutionary War, and 8 who had signed the Declaration of Independence).
The delegates met in Philadelphia in early May.
On May 25, the first meeting began in the State House of Philadelphia (which is now known as Independence Hall).
Of these delegates, there were several important people:
-The youngest delegate was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey, who was 28 years old.
-Ben Franklin of Pennsylvania was the oldest, being 81 years old.
-George Washington was the elected president of the Convention. I t was his job to see that the meetings ran smoothly.
-James Madison, a delegate from Virginia, wrote much of the Constitution, now nicknamed as "The Father of the Constitution".
-Another who attended was Governor Morris. Morris came up with most of the actual words of the Constitution. He had a wooden leg and could not use one arm, but he could put words together for everyone to understand.
-Edmund Randolph of Virginia was a spokesman for the states with large numbers of people.
-William Paterson of New Jersey was the spokesman for states with small numbers of people.
The Constitution was ratified by all 12 states delegations on September 17, 1787.