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when we adhere to or adjust our thoughts, feelings, and/or behavior to be consistent with the standards of a group or society

Informational Social Influence

reason 1 why we conform
influence resulting from a person's willingness to accept other's opinions about reality

Normative Social Influence

reason 2 why we conform
influence resulting from a person's desire to gain approval or avoid disapproval

Factors that strengthen conformity

one is made to feel incompetent and insecure
group has at least 3 people
one admires the group's status and attractiveness
one has made no prior commitment to any response
others in the group observe one's behaviour
the particular culture strongly encourages respect for social standards
the group is unanimous

Bystander Effect

where the presence of others inhibits helping

Factors that influence helping behaviour

diffusion of responsibility
time pressure (Darley and Batson 1973 priest example)
role models
victim characteristics

Counteract ambiguity

To find good help make it clear that you need help

Reduce diffusion of responsibiliy

To find good help single people out

Top 6 cities for helping

San Jose

Bottom 6 cities for helping

New York
Kuala Lumpur


occurs when group participation makes people feel aroused and anonymous and leads to the reduction of normal constraints against deviant behaviour

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