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Samuel Adams
Organized the Committees of Correspondence
Daughters of Liberty
group that made homespun fabric for the colonists
Committees of Correspondence
network formed to pass along news in Massachusetts
Sons of Liberty
group responsible for the Boston Tea Party
Lord North
Prime Minister of England who tried to improve relations with the colonists
Townshend Acts
placed import tax on tea and other goods
Quartering Act
required colonists to pay for room and board for British soldiers
Proclamation of 1763
forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mts.
Stamp Act
placed a tax on special items like licences, newspapers, legal documents, and playing cards
Sugar Act
tax on foreign molasses and sugar imported into the colonies
The COLONISTS believed the French and Indian war had been fought to protect what?
British trade
The colonists felt they should be represented in Parliament in order to be what?
What did the colonists due in response to the Townshend Acts?
agreed NOT to import taxed items
Non-importation Agreements
colonists would not import items that were taxable
Patrick Henry
spoke out against the Stamp Act
Leader of the Ottawa
Which Act was a DIRECT tax on the colonists?
Stamp Act
Declaratory Act
Parliament (in England) declared it had the right to rule and tax the colonists
colonist who warned that Parliament was a threat to American rights and liberties
Samuel Adams
North Church
Signal tower to warn the British were invading
Village green
where the Massachusetts militia drilled
William Dawes
rode to warn of the British leaving Boston and heading the Lexington
Paul Revere
Boston silversmith; delivered the Suffolk Resolves at the First Continental Congress; also road to warn that the British were coming!
John Hancock
Boston merchant; British wanted to arrest him
First Continental Congress
Agreed to meet at a 2nd Continental Congress
Coercive Acts closed the port of ?
Where 1st Continental Congress meeting was held
The first "battle" in 1775 occurred where?
Olive Branch Petition
colonists asked the King to remove British troops from the colonies
America's social classes vs. Britain's social classes
America = social mobility; Britain = born into social class
T or F: The battle at Concord crushed the colonists
T or F: The Second Continental Congress approved a ban on all EXPORTS and imports with Britain.