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  1. Antioch
  2. Manor
  3. Medieval art
  4. Muslims
  5. Angles
  1. a Believers of Islam; beat in the Battle of Tours; major component in the battle for the Holy Land (Crusades).
  2. b An ancient Low German tribe, that settled in Britain, which came to be called Engla-land (Angleland or England).
  3. c The first community that included both Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus was established in this city.
  4. d he smallest area of land held in the Middle Ages by a feudal lord.
  5. e religious, often showed Jesus or saints, flat, brightly colored (red with gold background) larger than surroundings; always clothed

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  1. Germanic people. During the 5th century ad groups from these communities migrated to Britain either by invitation or invasion and in due course founded kingdoms which can generally be recognized by the fact that their names have the suffix 'sex'
  2. in the Middle Ages, lesser noble who served as a mounted warrior for a lord
  3. the capital and chief port and largest city of Libya
  4. is a business of accepting deposits (money) from the public, maintaining savings and checking accounts, and issuing loans and credit. (Muslims)
  5. a code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages; requiring them to be brave, loyal and true to their word; they had to fight fairly in battle

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  1. ChaucerEnglish vernacular, wrote the Canterbury Tales, known for beauty of expression and clear, forceful language made his dialect the chief ancestor of the modern English language, collection of stories told by a group of 29 pilgrims going to the tomb of Saint Thomas a Becket at Canterbury, England.


  2. Castleslords often built these buildings with strong walls so that they could easily be defended


  3. Jerusalemmen of women who were the poorest members of society, peasants who worked the lord's land in exchange for protection


  4. Bishopadministered the sacraments of confirmation and ordination and also appointed and removed parish priests and managed church property.


  5. Townspeoplethe people living in a municipality smaller than a city