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  1. Trial by battle
  2. Fuedalism
  3. Nobles
  4. Barter Economy
  5. Tithe
  1. a an offering of a tenth part of some personal income
  2. b a political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king, in exchange for thier loyalty, military service and protection of of the people who live on the land
  3. c rich powerful families making up the upper class; managed the kings land/ manor.
  4. d the accused and the accuser fought a duel, the outcome of the duel determined guilty or innocent
  5. e An economy in which trades are made in goods and services instead of money

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  1. people from rich and powerful families
  2. king of the Franks who unified Gaul and established his capital at Paris and founded the Frankish monarchy
  3. A large estate, often including farms and a village, ruled by a lord.
  4. a clergyman having spiritual and administrative authority
  5. church court set up to stamp out heresy

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  1. Simonythe selling of Church offices


  2. Edessacity in Southwest Asia that was promised protection by Baldwin during the First Crusade in return for control of the city after the king


  3. Knightsin the Middle Ages, lesser noble who served as a mounted warrior for a lord


  4. Chivalrya code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages; requiring them to be brave, loyal and true to their word; they had to fight fairly in battle


  5. CharlemagneEnglish vernacular, wrote the Canterbury Tales, known for beauty of expression and clear, forceful language made his dialect the chief ancestor of the modern English language, collection of stories told by a group of 29 pilgrims going to the tomb of Saint Thomas a Becket at Canterbury, England.