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  1. Tripoli
  2. Chivalry
  3. Lords
  4. Trial by battle
  5. Excommunication
  1. a the capital and chief port and largest city of Libya
  2. b the accused and the accuser fought a duel, the outcome of the duel determined guilty or innocent
  3. c God, belief of a god/lord, whom they shall listen to, respect, and obey.
  4. d a code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages; requiring them to be brave, loyal and true to their word; they had to fight fairly in battle
  5. e the act of banishing a member of the Church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the Church

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  1. lesser lords who pledged their service and loyalty to a greater lord in a military capacity
  2. a large estate that included a village. It was the economic unit of the early middle ages.
  3. the sacred rituals of the Church
  4. There were serfs, peasants, merchants, king, nobles, knights, lords. The rise to prominence of this class was one of the most important developments in European society during Medieval Ages.
  5. He could summon provincial councils of the clergy

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  1. Cathedralslesser lords who pledged their service and loyalty to a greater lord in a military capacity


  2. Financingis a business of accepting deposits (money) from the public, maintaining savings and checking accounts, and issuing loans and credit. (Muslims)


  3. FinancingBudgeting for marketing activities,obtaining the necessary funds needed for operations,and providing financial assistance to customers so they can purchase the business products and service.


  4. Bishoppay a tenth of one's income, especially to the church


  5. InvestmentsIn finance, the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In general terms, investment means the use money in the hope of making more money.