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  1. Trial by battle
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Clovis
  4. Scholasticism
  1. a the current capital of Israel and an ancient city that is holy to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  2. b the accused and the accuser fought a duel, the outcome of the duel determined guilty or innocent
  3. c king of the Franks who took over the southwestern Gaul from the Visigoths.He ruled most of present day France and founded the Frankish monarchy
  4. d A philosophical and theological system, associated with Thomas Aquinas, devised to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy and Roman Catholic theology in the thirteenth century. (p. 408)

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  1. Medieval Western European mock battle between two horsemen who charged at each other with leveled lances in an attempt to unseat the other
  2. person granted land by a feudal lord in return for services
  3. Fortress like dwelling with high thick dwelling walls and towers
  4. Son of Pepin and king of the Franks. He united most of Europe and was declared by the pope Emperor of the Romans.
  5. rural laborers, or peasants, who were not allowed to move away from the land on which they worked

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  1. Noblesthe head of the Roman Catholic Church


  2. SaladinPowerful Muslim ruler during Third Crusade, defeated Christians at Hattin took Jerusalem.


  3. SacramentsA member of one of the Germanic tribes of the Rhine region in the early Christian era, especially one of the Salian Franks who conquered Gaul about A.D. 500 and established an extensive empire that reached its greatest power in the ninth century.


  4. BankingBudgeting for marketing activities, obtaining the necessary funds needed for operations and providing financial assistance to customers


  5. Serfsland granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for loyalty and service