27 terms

NPCR Lesson 25 Selection

yǐwéi (think mistakenly; consider that; believe)
wéi ("to act as; become; to mean for; because of; to; for the sake of")
yǐ (to use; according to; so as to; for; by)
jiǎnchá (to check; examine; inspect)
chá (examine; investigate; to check)
jiǎn (to check; examine; inspect)
qí (to ride an animal or bike; to sit astride)
bó (shoulder; upper arm)
shì (look at; regard; inspect)
zhù ("pour; concentrate; mw for deals and sums of money)
gē (armpit; arms)
yì (meaning; thought; wish; expect)
shāng (injure; wound; injury)
zhùyì (pay attention to; take notice of; be careful)
gēbo (arm)
diàn (electricity; electrical)
fàng (put; to place; to release; to free)
zhòng ("heavy; serious; important)
zhuàng (to hit; collide; run into)
shù (to tie; to bind; restrain; (mw for bunches, bundles, bouquets, etc.)
bèi (by indicates passive voice sentences)
diànshì (television; TV)
zhe ("-ing (indicating action in progress)
dì (prefix used to form ordinal numbers)
tuǐ (leg)
wán (to finish; be over; complete)
sòng (deliver; to carry; to give; send)