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How are you?

Kumusta ka?

Fine, thank you.

Maayo, salamat

What is your name?

Unsay imong pangalan?, Unsay ngalan mo?

My name is ______.

Ang akong pangalan mao si ______.

I am ______.

Ako si ______.

Nice to meet you.

Maayo nga nagka-ila ta .



Thank you.


You're welcome.

Walay sapayan.

Excuse me. ( getting attention )

Kadiyot lang.

Excuse me. ( begging pardon )

Pasaylo-a ko.

I'm sorry.

Pasaylo-a ko.



I can't speak Cebuano.

Dili ko makasulti'g Cebuano.

Do you speak English?

Makasulti ka ug Iningles?

Is there someone here who speaks English?

Naa bay makasulti ug Iningles diri?



Look out!


Good morning.

Maayong buntag.

Good afternoon.

(11:00 am to 12:59 pm) Maayong udto, (1:00 pm and onwards) Maayong hapon.

Good evening.

Maayong gabi-i.

Good night.

Maayong gabi-i.

I don't understand.

Dili ko makasabot.

Where is the toilet?

Asa dapit ang kasilyas?

I'm lost!

Nawala ko!

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