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Micro Test #2 Practice Questions

ch 4-6
The bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes appears microscopically as:
a chain of spheres
T/F: The arrangement of phospholipids and proteins in a prokaryotic cell membrane is referred to as a "fluid mosaic structure".
Which of the following structures is not considered a cytoplasmic structure?
-cell wall
cell wall
An organism having pili has the advantage over one which lacks pili because it can
attach to various surfaces including tissue
Streptobacillus muris would appear as a chain of rods. (T/F)
A vibrio would appear as:
a curved rod
Small molecules of DNA exist in bacteria as circular units. They contain few genes but are extremely important since they carry traits for drug resistance. These molecules are known as:
This major group of extremophiles are found in environments free of oxygen gas.
The ________region of a bacterial cell represents a subcompartment in the cytoplasm where the DNA is located.
If the glycocalyx structurally is very thin, then it is known as a:
slime layer
Reproduction in bacteria occurs by the process of:
binary fission
Which phase of the growth curve found in bacteria is the active stage of growth when disease symptoms are most likely to develop?
logarithmic phase
Which type of bacteria prefer to live in an environment low in oxygen and rich in carbon dioxide?
-obligate anaerobic
-none of the above
none of the above
If a bacterial cell in a broth tube has a generation time of 40 minutes, how many cells will there be after 5 hours of optimal exponential growth?
Endospore formers include species of:
A prokaryote that is inhibited in growth by the presence of oxygen would be a/an _____ organism.
A _____________ has an optimal growth temperature at human body temperature.
The ____________ isolation method consists of pouring molten agar medium over a small volume of a mixed culture in a culture dish and then incubated for 24 to 48 hours.
This genus of bacteria is a well known acidophile.
A ______________medium inhibits the growth of certain prokaryotes while allowing the growth of others.
__________reactions synthesize the production of large organic compounds.
What major reaction of photosynthesis is where light energy is trapped and converted to chemical energy producing ATP and oxygen?
energy-fixing reaction
These are the three parts of aerobic respiration.
citric acid cycle
oxidative phosphorylation
All of the following are produced during the citric acid cycle. (select 3 answers)
carbon dioxide (CO2)
Which of the following statements is true in regards to how the energy in ATP molecules is released?
a) ADP + P -----> ATP
b) ATP -------> ADP + P
ATP ------> ADP + P
What are the two coenzymes that participate in oxidative phosphorylation by dropping off electrons and protons?
If an enzyme's active site becomes deformed, ______ inhibition was likely responsible.
Enzymes are:
a) proteins
b) reusable
c) are changed in the chemical reaction
d) both a & b are correct
both a & b
Aerobic respiration of glucose begins with the process of _________ and produces a net of ____ATP.
glycolysis; 2
Electron transport and the synthesis of ATP occurs during:
oxidative phosphorylation