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GCSE Coastal management

GCSE set for revisng coastal management

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Rip Rap/Rock Armour
Placing huge boulders along a vulnerable coastline
Beach Nourishment
Adding sediment to a beach to protect the coastline behind
Sea wall
A vertical or curved structure of steel and concrete
Sand Dune regeneration
Where marram grass is used to help grow sand dunes
Hard engineering
The use of artificial structures to protect the coast
Soft engineering
The use of natural materials and processs to protect the coastline
A fence of wood laid at right angles to a beach to limit LSD
Destructive waves
Where swash is weaker than backwash
(hard engineering) rocks and boulders inside a wire cage, absorb impact of the waves
Environmental positive Soft Engineering
Blends in with the natural environment
Social Negative Soft Engineering
There is no guarantee the engineering will last
Economic negative hard engineering
Very expensive up to £5,000 per linear meter for a sea wall for example
Social positives Hard engineering
Prevent erosion in many places so are effective, reassuring homeowners
Environmental negative hard engineering
Things like groynes can damage downcurrent areas as they are starved of sediment