30 terms

Unit 11

Nixon was known for him
Unswerving loyalty and support
What did president Nixon do to try to halt the inflating plaguing the country?
He imposed a short term freeze on wages, prices, and rents
OPEC's 1973 embargo on shipping oil to the United States resulted in
Higher inflation and another recession at home
Henry Kissinger served President Nixon as
National security advisor
In foreign affairs, perhaps Nixon's greatest accomplishment was
Bringing about détente with the Soviet Union and with China
During his trip to Moscow, Nixon sought to
Improve relations between two superpowers
What did SALT I prove to the world?
That the superpowers could reach agreements limiting nuclear arms
Why did the Watergate break-in occur?
The Committee to Reelect the President wanted to wiretap the Democratic National Committee
As the evidence mounted against him, Nixon
Resigned from office
Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon because
He thought it was the right thing to do
In 1975, when Ford asked for military aid to try to save South Vietnam, Congress
Used the War Powers Act to say no
President Ford faced an economy with rising inflation and unemployment. This economic phenomenon is known as
Jimmy Carter won the 1976 election by presenting himself as
A Washington outsider
President Carter assumed the role of peacemaker to negotiate which of the following between Israel and Egypt.
Camp David Accords
Carter outdid previous administrations in the number of
Women and minorities he appointed
In dealing with Congress, Carter and his staff
Lacked experience
What cause was promoted by some groups within the New Right?
Christian values
Reagan began his political career by winning election as
Governor of California
One major factor contributing to Ronald Reagan's defeat of President Carter in 1980 was
The hostage crisis in Iran
The Reagan administration rapidly increased spending on
The American military
President Reagan's economic problem was based on the theory of
Supply-side economics
To defend American interests in the Cold War, Reagan
Ordered a huge military buildup
Reagan's foreign policy called for
Taking an active role against communism
What distinction did Sandra Day O'Connor achieve in 1981?
She became the first female Justice of the U.S Supreme Court
How did the Soviets policies of perestroika and glasnost help bring and end to the Cold War?
They helped cause the fall of Communist regiments in Eastern Europe
During Reagan's second term, American relations with the Soviet Union
Improved greatly
The signing of arms-control treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union signaled the end
The Cold War
Bush won the presidency in part by
Attacking Michael Dukakis's record on crime.
The Persian Gulf War began when Saddam Hussein
Invaded Kuwait
What was a major reason that President George Bush responded forcefully to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait?
He wanted to protect the flow of oil to the West