info tech 9

use MLA format
table of contents
includes main topics, sub headings, page numbers, etc. usually uses dot leaders
academic report
has all 1 inch margins
title page
first page of report. includes title, author, writer, etc.
indicated in the body of the report, are consecutively numbered and appear at the bottom of the report
indicated in the body of the report by the superior figures are consecutively numbered and appear at the end of the report, either on the last page or on a separate page.
long quote
four or more lines and formated with a left indent of one inch.
all caps and bold
a business reports title and bibliography pages title is formatted like this
information that appears at the bottom of every page in a document
entries in a bibliography are listed like this
short quote
less than 4 lines
find and replace
if you type a report and want to replace a word or group of words with a different word or group of words
side headings
the major subdivision of a report
parenthetical references
comer after a quotation and usually contain the author;s name and page number of the quotation
initial caps
the academics report title and works cited have this
in italics
when you type footnotes, the titles of books and magazines are typed in this
widow/orphan protection
a single line of a paragraph from appearing on the next page and the first line of a new paragraph form appearing at the bottom of a page
a special section at the end of a business report used to list details about the sources of information for the report is called a.... the first item that should be listed is the author of the publication.
information that appears at the top of every page
information written in your own words
dot leaders
a series of dots used in a table of contents to guide the reader's eye from headings to page numbers
business report
has default margins and a 2 inch top margin by hitting enter 3 times on double spacing
bound report
a 1.5 inch left margin
works cited
an alphabetical listing of all the books and articles used in writing in academic report
soft page break
this appears automatically when text foes from 1 page to the next
paragraph headings
press tab, typed in initial caps and bold followed by a dot.
hard page break
this appears if you go to insert tab and click on break
includes the writer's name, the teacher's name, the class name and date in military style
proofreader's marks
the usual way to tell the typist to make changes.
you should use abbreviations in your resume (t/f)
A resume should be centered both horizontally and vertically (t/f)
in a resume, indentation, bolding, and capitals should be used sparingly for emphasis (t/f)
what notation should you cover letter have?
one page
How long should a resume be for a person with less than 5 years experience?
how much you want to earn
What should not be included in your cover letter?
reverse chronological order
the content of each heading is listed in
the name of the different sections such as an objective
how many paragraphs should a cover letter have?
to get an interview
what is the purpose of a cover letter?
center vertically
letters should be positioned in this way on the page
business letter
this letter represents a company an individual
Complimentary close
Sincerely yours is an example
stationary that a business uses to print their letters on
inside address
the name and address of the person to whom the letter is being sent
Writers identification
your name and title below your signature
block style
when text is aligned at the left margin
modified block style letter
the date and closing lines of this type of letter begin at the center
default of these are set every .5 of an inch
body of a letter
the text of a letter that is usually single spaced with double spaces between paragraphs
a quadruple space is used after the date
Personal business letter
a letter from an individual to a business
dear is a greeting used in this part of a letter
insert current date
you should make sure this updates automatically
reference initials
these are written in lowercase and tell the addressee who actually typed the letter
Proofreader's marks
used to indicate changes and corrections in a document being revised for final copy
closed punctuation
a punctuation mark after the salutation and the complimentary close
Open punctuation
no punctuation after the salutation and complimentary close
computer hardware
monitor, keyboard, etc. things you can touch
Computer Software
written programs pertaining to the operation of a computer system stored in read/write memory
Operating System
Makes you able to communicate with the computer
User interface
combination of hardware + software that you use to control the computer
graphical user interface
allows the user to communicate with the computer through the use of icons and pictures
ability to do more than one thing at one time
background screen that arranges icons on your screen
a collection of computers that can communicate with each other
large computer network linking smaller computer networks world wide
internet browser
software application that translates HTML and other languages
Search engine
computer program that uses keywords to search the www for specific documents
storage devices
a hardware device used to record and store data
Accessory Program
ex: calculator