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This set has some of writing,and grammar, all literary terms, and units. It does not have voc.(study from my other one) Also nothing on poetry! there are other quizlets for that!This is all from review sheet good luck :)

What is MLA format?

student name, instructors name, cours and date.(in left hand corner of page) 12pt font inTimes New Roman with 1 inch margrins

What is a two point sentence

a sentence that gives contex clues so the reader can figure out a meaning to a word.


Person, Place, Thing, or Idea


word that takes the place of one or more nouns. singular = I you he she it me him her plural = we you they us them


action word


modify verbs, adj, or other adverbs. It tells when, where, why, how often and how much- usually ends in ly.. but not always


describing word.


shows how one thing relates to another by location - to, in, on, with etc.


but, or, yet, for, and, nor, so (BOYFANS)


Hey! Ouch! Wow! Darn! Eeeeek! Aw!

folk tale

meant to entertain, and passes on values of culture


passes on values of culture, states the moral at the end of the story, uses personification to create characters


explains the origins of something about life, and has super natural beings(ex. gods)


passes on values of culture, has some facts, but facts have been exaggerated

historical fiction

focuses on a major event in history

science fiction

events are possible with advanced technology; aliens, other planets, time travel


meant to entertain, includes magic and unreal places, has super natural beings (ex. unicorn)

what is oral tradition?

storytelling by your mouth - legend


background information - characters name, setting, time period

rising action

conflicts are introduced


highest point of interest and emotion (most exciting)

falling action

character transforms and learns from experience


all problems solved

contex clues

words in a sentence that helps decipher the meaning of the unfamiliar word


emotinal reaction =


dictonary definition


bad guy or villian, causes conflicts; rooting against


"good guy", hero, solves conflicts


a type or category of literature like non-fiction, fiction, poetry or drama


a detail or details introduced earlier in a story that will have greater significance later, a hint or clue about whats to come

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