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Human Sexuality Chapter 9

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Anal intercourse is the insertion of the penis in the rectum. It is practice by male-male and male-female couples. The rectum is highly sensitive to sexual stimulation. Both partners may reach orgasm through anal sex. It is referred to as "Greek culture" or lovemaking "Greek Style" because of male bisexuality in Greece.
*This is also the major act that comes under the legal definition of sodomy.*
-The rectum doesn't produce any lubrication so couples are advised to use K-Y jelly.
-People often want a finger in the anus at the height of passion or at the moment of orgasm. A finger in the rectum can heighten sexual sensation because the sphincters contract during orgasm.
-Many couples are repulsed by the idea of anal intercourse. They view it as unnatural,immoral, or risky.
** The NHSLS found that 1 out of 4 men (26%) and 1 out 5 (20%) reported having engaged in anal sex at sometime. Only 1in 10 (10% men and 9% women) had engaged in anal sex with in the past year.
-Highly educated people participated in anal sex
Education seems to be the liberating influence in sexual experimentation.
-Religion is a restraint on anal sex (34% men and 36% women that had anal sex didn't have any religion)
*Fear of diseases: HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis*
* Cells in the rectum are very susceptible to infection by some microorganisms, small tears in the rectal tissue could allow other microbes to enter the blood system. If both partners are STI free there is no risk of contracting STIs.*

The incidences of anal sex have declined because of HIV, but now that the HAART - Highly Active
antiretroviral Therapy- is prolonging lives with HIV many gay males are not using condoms again. (usually this happens after drinking and when the partner is a stranger.)