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  1. assail
  2. bombastic
  3. syncretic
  4. immanent
  5. symposium
  1. a Traditions that borrow from both the past and present.
  2. b launch an attack or assault on
  3. c of qualities that are spread throughout something
  4. d from the word for "drinking together"; an after-dinner drinking party attended by elite males. According to the protocol of a symposium, they sang poems, posed riddles, played drinking games, and delivered philosophical speeches. Other entertainment was provided by musicians, jugglers, acrobats, and prostitutes.
  5. e ostentatiously lofty in style

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  1. stop, block abruptly
  2. damnation; ruin; hell
  3. bold, brash
  4. report or maintain
  5. careful

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  1. directoratesurrender under agreed conditions


  2. redolenthaving a strong distinctive fragrance


  3. buttresssorrowful through loss or deprivation


  4. obstinacyresolute adherence to your own ideas or desires


  5. fatuouscomplacently or inanely foolish