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  1. pontos
  2. tesseract
  3. colorature
  4. conjugal
  5. ineluctability
  1. a A general term for runs, trills, and other florid decorations in vocal music, in which single syllables of the words are to be sung to two or more tones. Also called coloring.
  2. b of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband
  3. c the four dimensional equivalent of a cube
  4. d the quality of being impossible to avoid or evade
  5. e (Greek mythology) ancient personification of the sea

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  1. renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
  2. unspoken, silent; implied, inferred
  3. burden
  4. bold, brash
  5. an abusive attack on a person's character or good name

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  1. balkstop, block abruptly


  2. cloisterresidence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)


  3. cordonto compel


  4. brouillardmarked by rude or peremptory shortness


  5. parricidedetermined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason